13 thoughts on “Imperial Leather

  1. Christopher

    How are this guys views- are they hopefully flat-lining or getting worse so he will give up? I’ve resigned myself to broadsheet not getting the message that no one likes or watches these.

    1. LW

      He’s getting around 20 thousand views a video it seems. And loads of comments on youtube too. Maybe the fake accounts here aren’t actually fake. This is the kind of craic:

      Kathrin Fisher17 hours ago
      honestly I watch your vids with my kids, even though they ain’t kiddie friendly but they’ve seen you on a kids programme before…so when we get the notification that a new video is up we’re shouting at each other RRR WE AVING THAT ? I figure with all the money you’ll make of the views you could contribute towards the therapy they’ll no doubt need x lol keep em coming x
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      AreYa HavingThat
      AreYa HavingThat17 hours ago
      How’s she cuttin’ Kathrin! The Fisher Family is offisherially now my Favourite Family to have Sexscribed! #AreYaHavingThat Fishers!!

      1. ahjayzis

        This is even more depressing than that ‘INFLUENCER’ shyting on about her sex life for money yesterday :’o(

  2. Grouse

    I passed this guy on the street the other day. He wasn’t acting whacky at all. I think it might be just an act.

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