21 thoughts on “Room For Two

  1. Cup of tea anyone?

    One clset between two. This is so sad that they will get someone to live there.
    Is there even a tv?

  2. MyName?

    Researching apartments in London atm ahead of a move in a few months time, crazy to think the rental market is better in central London than Dublin atm. It’s the one big failure of this government, no sorting the housing crisis

    1. Niamh

      Yes. €450 to share a room in some poo-hole in KIL FUPPEN DARE?! The equivalent in sterling will get you a room to yourself in Zone 3, maybe even 2, of London – where there are infinitely better transport links, and where you will actual legal rights as a tenant instead of being at the mercy of slumlords.

      This kind of thing makes us look like Punch Magazine monkeys who can’t run our own country.

      And yes, I say this as one who is Bailing Out of Here pretty soon.

  3. some old queen

    Younger ‘skilled workers’ hand over two thirds of their net income in Dublin while landlords (accidental or not) sing the poor mouth.

    Never mind multi nationals not paying tax. When did having a roof over your head in Ireland become a such a exploitative commodity? The market value is not YOUR values.

    Rant over.

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