11 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

    1. Kieran NYC

      Hopefully it’s an indication they’re making it harder.

      We don’t want it to end up a joke like the UK system. Doubt it though.

  1. De Kloot

    Screw the Boxing, let’s put all that high performance money into floaty boating and the diving…

    The Olympics is a bizarre old time…. One minute your watching Badminton, the next some lad leaping off a springy plank and its fierce exciting.

  2. rotide

    “The Irish Examiner lead story (on the Leaving Certificate) has been held over due to a 6am embargo.”


  3. realPolithicks

    Just watched Tom Barr win his semi in the 400 meter hurdles, he’s through to the final on Thursday. Fair play in fairness.

  4. jonner

    hopefully the super high achievers have surpassed previous years results by realising there is more to life than 9 A1s

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