55 thoughts on “I’m Ready

  1. Rob_G

    A creepy Renaissance painting with some funky text overlaid – they sure know how to appeal to the young people, anyway.

  2. Starina

    jesus freaks always seem to be transmogrifying sexual frenzy into religious zealotry, in my opinion. at its root that’s what this sign is trying to appeal to.

  3. Owen

    How much fun would it be though, to go with your partner. You could both go for the “residential” package and pretend not to know each other, then roide like wild animals (or just make the noise of a two fighting bull elephants all night). Just let the embers burn all night.

    “oh, spank me… spank me! Use the bible!”
    “get the crucifix off the wall”
    “Oh god, oh god… etc”

    Ok… i’ll stop there.

    Then back to pretending you’ve never met before.

    Orr, Could even make it a stag trip. €70 a head, all food and board for two days. Some banter too id say.

  4. Fully Keen

    Religion isn’t cool.

    We get it.

    But the fun some eejits get from mocking it is so tiring and predictable. You aren’t a writer on Family Guy. Relax.

  5. Daisy Chainsaw

    Religion isn’t real. Virgins having babies? 2000 years ago a cult rose out of it. If a virgin bought some sperm and got pregnant now, she’d be vilified by the same cult worshippers.

  6. fluffybiscuits

    Activities include

    Monopoly – Do you want to own Life House? Can you avoid paying the Institution survivors and get out of jail?

    Risk – Shag the altar boy but dont get caught!

    The Game of Life – Pro choicers causing an issue? Use the American dollars to save the fetus!

    Taboo – Who had the baby outside wedlock in this guessing game! In this riveting game you must shame single mothers!

    Operation – Restitch the pelvic floor back in after a symphisiotimy but be careful of the buzzer!

    All in all a good weekend…

    1. St. John Smythe

      What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us, just a stranger on the bus.
      Tryin’ to make his way home?

  7. Peter Dempsey

    How come Islam isn’t mocked like this?

    We are talking about savages who are 1000 years behind the modern secular Western civilisations in every aspect of life including proper hygiene.

      1. dylad

        I don’t think Islam itself can be criticized for hygiene…maybe hygiene isn’t so great in some poorer countries through no fault of their own. I think in Islam washing is called for after going to the toilet…. so they are ahead of you on that one.

    1. The Real Jane

      Poor old Peter. It’s a tough job defending Paedos Inc., really. I think deflection to another religion is your best strategy as well.

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