29 thoughts on “Shoo Off

  1. Pixxyman

    Probably just played football and doesn’t want to drag mud or those little rubber yokes you pick up off astro pitches into the food place.. just being considerate for anybody who has to clean the place..

  2. Vote Rep #1

    How is someone in socks worse that someone walking in in shoes which have walked through god knows what? I’d say the need for some sort of requirement to stop screepy weirdos taking photos of people without them knowing so they can put it up on the internet is far more important than some wearing socks in a shop. You creep.

  3. Paps

    You going to eat off the floor Anto are you?

    How about you put a picture of your own shoes up, so we can ridicule you for some arbitrary reason.

  4. Paul

    “food places”. What exactly is a food place?

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the drinks place to get my fill of wet intoxicating stuff.

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