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RTÉ Television has launched its new schedule for the autumn season.

In regards to its factual content, RTÉ Television writes:

This year RTÉ continues its proud tradition of delivering high-quality factual programming that goes right to the heart of Irish society, defining who we are as a nation. Highlights across both channels include:

Kenny, a landmark two-part documentary charting the rise, fall and rise again of Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

Keeping Ireland Alive: The health service in a day, with 75 cameras following frontline staff over a 24-hour period to give viewers an unprecedented, groundbreaking insight into a service that affects all our lives.

Rural Addiction, tackling the growing problem of addiction sweeping rural Ireland.

Generation Jinxed – Generation F’D, a three-part documentary revealing life for Ireland’s 25-35-year-olds, struggling to kickstart their adult lives.

RTÉ One will feature documentaries bringing in-depth coverage of a broad range of subjects. Highlights include authored documentaries from: Dr Eva Orsmond on prescription pill addiction in Ireland in Medication Nation with Dr Eva; John Connors on the history of the Travellers in John Connors: The Travellers; Ian Kehoe on How Ireland was Bought and Sold and hurling star Henry Shefflin on the psychology of success in Henry Shefflin: Winning.

As regards drama…

Homegrown drama remains a key priority for RTÉ with three brand new shows in production this autumn. Acceptable Risk, a six-part thriller starring Elaine Cassidy and Resistance, a War of Independence drama from the makers of Rebellion, go into production in the coming months. New to RTÉ this season are:

Striking Out, Neil Morrissey joins Amy Huberman and Rory Keenan in the cast of this four-part drama about love, family and friendship in the world of Ireland’s legal system.

Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope, RTÉ2’s six-part darkly comic drama penned by TV newcomer Stefanie Preissner and starring up-and-coming talents Seána Kerslake and Nika McGuigan.

Viewers can also look forward to great Irish-based drama produced by the BBC in association with RTÉ including EastEnders spin-off drama Redwater starring Jessie Wallace, Shane Richie, Fionnula Flanagan and Maria Doyle Kennedy; and My Mother and Other Strangers starring Hattie Morahan, Owen McDonnell and Aaron Staton; as well as The Fall, starring Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson, produced by Artists Studio in association with RTÉ.

As regards entertainment and comedy…

The hugely popular family-entertainment series Dancing with the Stars debuts in January putting 11 celebrities through their paces, joining a stellar line-up of new home-produced shows and returning favourites including:

The Tommy Tiernan Show, a six-part chatshow with a difference – Tommy has no idea who he’ll be interviewing before they appear on stage.

The Nathan Carter Show, four-part music-entertainment show hosted by Ireland’s favourite country star.

First Dates, the massively popular dating show returns with a supersized 12 episode series.

Daniel and Majella’s B&B Road Trip, the much-loved duo hit the road again with 12 new B&B owners serving up unforgettable experiences.

RTÉ2’s commitment to developing new talent continues to bear fruit with Bridget & Eamon recently becoming the first RTÉ comedy to be sold to a UK broadcaster, UKTV Gold. Bridget & Eamon will also return for a second season.

Fellow Republic of Telly breakout stars The Rubberbandits return to RTÉ2 for more anarchic comedy with The Rubberbandits’ Guides.

Comedian Des Bishop will throw a wry eye over the issues that have exasperated the country for years in Des Bishop: This is Ireland. And the nation’s favourite Dublin matriarch Mrs Brown will be back with more Christmas specials.


RTÉ drives home drama in Autumn schedule (RTE)


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This afternoon.

At Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2.

The launch of the new season of programmes on RTÉ One and RTÉ2 at Grand Canal Dock, Dublin.


Thanks Gareth Naughton

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62 thoughts on “Worth Every Cent

          1. Neilo

            To the detriment of us all, Herr Tubridy has followed those instructions to the letter. Several thousand times.

    1. thefatlad

      I appreciate the sanitisation of my earlier tirade Mr. ‘Sheet Administrator. Now it’s something everyone can enjoy

      1. Disasta

        Instead of doing that to me they put me on probation for months.
        More months this year on than off, no idea why though, just presuming that.

  1. FrPhelimYoung

    Another traveller programme. They make up ~35k of the population but they’ve a constant presence at the top of the media agenda.

    1. mauriac

      but it’s called “John Connors on the history of travellers in John Connors” according to BS so could be interesting.

    2. backomebollix

      haha “constant presence at the top of the media agenda”. Such a silly thing for you to say. Presumably you think its some sort of liberal conspiracy? It normally is, isn’t it?

  2. The Real Jane

    All the same old heads.

    At least there are some useful indicators clearly signposted:

    Dr Eva: The least best televised medial expert even in an era when Dr Christian is never off the screens

    Ryan Tubridy: Avoid

    Eastender Commitments: May turn into a Pig In Kitchen classic

    Dancing with “stars”: Decade too late

    Chaste B’n’B: There was a mad aul one on for ten minutes last time, maybe they can hit those heights again – I think she also appeared on several other programmes so she was great padding

  3. Darren

    Eh, hello? I can only assume that they are having a separate press launch for all the shows Brian Ormond is going to be in tomorrow?? There is no other explanation for him not being there. #JusticeForBrian

    1. The Real Jane

      I saw him once having a bowl of soup in Insomnia, Ballsbridge.

      He was tiny, orange (not from spilling his soup, I hasten to add) and didn’t appreciate being stared out.

      That is my Brian Ormond story.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Some titbits I found on the twitter machine…

      65 new home produced programmes, RTE TV’s biggest investment in drama in more than 6 years…

      I can hear the cries of “it’s a waste” already…. “why didn’t they make something I wanted”… etc… pffft!

      1. The Real Jane

        Well that’s true. I’d just like to see something fresh though, just one unexpected thing. One presenter who isn’t on every year and in the Sindo and VIP and then beaming from my TV screen as they read from a prepared script on a number of topics year after year.

        Like, if you’re only doing Dancing with the Stairs now, you’re showing a level of caution bordering on pathological.

  4. Hank

    Miriam sliding the hand up Tubridy’s inner thigh in Pic 5. I’m sure it’d be hard to resist in fairness to her..

  5. Bort

    The obvious ones: Tommy Tiernan, I saw his show it was extremely painful, how does it make for a better interview if the interviewer doesn’t know who he is interviewing? Is that just an excuse for zero research? Tommy has had his day let him go home to his millions. “Developing new talent” Jenifer Maguire and Bernard O’Shea are new talent? C’mon now that joke is well and truly over. Des Bishop is coming back on our screesn to tell us how terrible we are! F-Off! New Talent = same old boll@x

  6. Skeptical O'Hare

    That promo is brilliant. 3 seconds in Amy Huberman’s traumatic reaction to RTE’s “New Season” announcement. That’s all you need to see. Method acting – Huberman is living this hell… we all are.

  7. Rugbyfan

    Dear oh dear……people protested against the Water, if there was mass disobedience against paying the TV licence how long would RTE last?

    1. The Real Jane

      Also a couple of massive wallets. Don’t leave home without stuffing wads of fifties into both of your wallets, says Ryan.

      1. anne

        I saw him in Dunlaoghaire a few weeks ago walking along one of piers with i presume were his daughters …his wallet looked very big or else he was just happy to see me. He’s not half as ugly in real life to be fair..

  8. Shane

    I’m going to run straight to the post office now and pay my licence fee twice in so grateful to RTE to give me so much to look forward to

  9. Moneylender

    I’m getting some books from the library. Perhaps start on some Airfix models. Anything to avoid this dross.

  10. I.P.Freely

    That’s all very well but when are they going to show season 4 of The Americans? (I know it’ll probably be at 2am some night but better than nothing I guess.)

  11. 15 cent

    and to keep the enda kenny history authentic, theyve kept the same line up from other shows of that year

  12. Truth in the News

    What no documentary on the biggest mass uprising in Irish Politics in decades
    and how it dented and skint the political elite and left them clinging to office
    on crutches and the failure of RTE to report anything about it, the faster RTE is
    restructured and the licence abolished the better….how much did the entourage
    that went to Rio cost…..or even report on the state of a large section of the Rio populace that the games meant nothing to.

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