Clampers Offside



This afternoon.

Merrion Square South, Dublin 2

Anon writes:

Dublin clamping truck not only parked illegally but in an incredibly precarious place on a blind corner. People had try to peer around the huge truck to try to get to the other side. When I challenged the man in the passenger seat he just kept saying “Am I driving?! Am I driving?!

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15 thoughts on “Clampers Offside

        1. MyName?

          That’s a disgrace. Enda should be getting Dublin Bus to work each morning just like the rest of us, does he think he’s special

          1. MyName?

            No he’s not. Just because he’s one of the fat cat 1% eating up all the cash for himself putting decent hard working people out of work

  1. Chris

    Well is he driving? Leave the passenger alone, unfortunately your attitude doesn’t surprise me, these days passengers often get taken for a ride.

  2. Shane

    A true protector of parking spaces a road warrior of unspoken virtue and integrity and a plonker.

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