‘The Hickey Family Is Gravely Concerned’



Pat Hickey (top) and his credentials (above(

Further to yesterday’s PR move against the Rio police.

I have been appointed on behalf of Pat Hickey’s family, to call on the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charlie Flanagan TD and the Minister for Sport, Shane Ross TD, to urgently intervene in addressing the extremely worrying issues surrounding his arrest and detention.

This arrest and detention occurred over seven days ago and still no charges have been brought, nor has an appropriate venue for a bail application been made available to Pat Hickey.

The Hickey family are extremely concerned about:

– The manner in which Pat Hickey was arrested
– His detention in a high security prison without charge
– The effects of such detention on Pat Hickey’s health
– The pre-trial disclosure of what is purported to be evidence to the media without any right of a reply (which is leading and imbalanced reporting)
– Pat Hickey’s right to a fair hearing, given the prejudicial way in which he has been treated to date.

The family has requested an urgent meeting with the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charlie Flanagan TD and the Minister for Sport, Shane Ross TD and they have asked me to request that they would make contact with the Brazilian ambassador, Alfonso José Cardoso to make the family’s concerns known to him.

The Hickey family is gravely concerned about the effect this degrading and humiliating ordeal has had on their Father and Grandfather and how it continues to affect his physical and mental health.

He has a serious heart condition and they are extremely anxious that he would be immediately released on bail and given the opportunity to respond to the accusations.

They also, as a priority, want to get him home to Ireland as they have increasing concerns about his safety.

The family is also calling upon Minister Flanagan to immediately issue a statement setting out the steps the Department of Foreign Affairs is taking to object to the manner in which an elderly Irish citizen was arrested and is still being detained in Brazil.

It was entirely inappropriate and unacceptable for a 71-year-old Irish citizen be taken from his bedroom, arrested and walked in a state of undress before a pre-arranged camera crew, after which film and still shots were released to the global media.

The family hope to meet with An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD when he returns from holidays.

I am awaiting a reply.

Statement issued this afternoon by Anne Marie James, of Kirwan McKeown James Solicitors on behalf of Pat Hickey’s family.

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Via Richard Chambers

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172 thoughts on “‘The Hickey Family Is Gravely Concerned’

    1. manolo

      Claiming innocence would be the strongest argument, why don’t they try that? The Brazilian press says the accusations include money laundering, which is pretty serious even in Ireland, but I have not seen any mention of that in the Irish press, only the ticket touting.

      1. Bill

        I was just thinking the same, it’s like a missing sentence from the press release. only question is why isn’t it there?

  1. Rubex

    Why would they be granted an audience with either the Minister of Foreign Affairs or the Taoiseach ? – Does the family of every Irish person imprisoned overseas get an audience as well ?

      1. Martina

        Well this family are getting one with Flanagan despite the fact he’s saying he’s doing all he can officially. Why?

        1. Mark Dennehy

          Because half the Irish delegation have had their passports confiscated by a police force that make ours look like Serpico crossed with Hans Blix?

          Or maybe just because this time it’s on the front page of every newspaper in the country, while people like Ibrahim Halawa aren’t?

          1. Martina

            Stop dragging the Halawa case into this as it’s completely different. Is Flanagan also going to meet Mallon’s family as well? They’re getting all the official assistance they need – end of story!

          2. Clampers Outside!

            It’s international news in fairness, on a scale of interest far bigger than an average punter gettin’ in a fight or caught ridin’ on a beach somewhere.
            This is a big story being reported in press all over the world… try the aul Google machine there, one o’ the guys on here is really good at it if ya get stuck

          3. Mark Dennehy

            It’s not different. It’s an Irish citizen in jail in a foreign country.
            I know you think Hickey’s guilty as sin, but at this stage of the process (ie. *before* you try the guy) you’re supposed to treat him as innocent until you prove he’s guilty.
            Throw that out the window and you’re the Egyptians, basically.

          4. manolo

            Maybe we should also trust that the Brazilian police and courts had a good basis for the decisions taken so far.

            This has been in the spotlight in Brazil for at least four years, while our press, police and legal systems have totally ignored the entire subject until the arrest happened.

            There is a big difference between presumption of innocence and turning a blind eye – the latter being our expertise

          5. Nigel

            I don’t have a problem with them getting a meeting with the Minister, it’s a high-profile case.
            Like Halawa, I don’t mind the whole thing being scrutinised and objections made if it seems like he’s not getting a fair trial.
            ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ is a bit of a misnomer, though, and and my God, every report on RTE you can hear them walking on eggshells. Is it okay to treat him as a person suspected of a crime? Implicated in criminal activity? Being investigated by the police? All of those states are not assertions of guilt, but are accurate assertions of fact. He may still be technically innocent, as anyone is at that stage, but that innocence is being seriously questioned and investigated. That’s news and there should be no problem reporting it as such.

          6. Rob_G

            Very strange comparison.

            Halawa was arrested abroad as a private citizen; Hickey was arrested abroad as a head of the IOC, in the country the Olympics was taking place in, during the Olympics – of course his arrest garnered more coverage.

      2. realPolithicks

        Mark, do you have any connection to Hickey through your association with the National Target Shooting Association?

  2. Junkface

    Aw poor Pat. All of Irelands tiniest violins are playing for him. That poor, arrogant, corrupt, cheating millionaire. How was he to know that his little ticket touting scheme would get caught out? Poor, poor Pat

  3. catherine

    It’s interesting that there was no corresponding outrage when paul murphy td was filmed being arrested in front of his family, in pyjamas, at six o clock in the morning & by a substantial force of gardai. Like cherishing irish children, these rules of treatment seem to apply only to some.

    1. Maire

      @Catherine There was outrage but the media did not cover it except to defame him. I myself went to a protest when the gardai arrested the youngsters before they went to school. That to me was a step too far.

  4. Dancost

    My buddy Eamo was arrested in Santa Ponsa two years ago and spent a month in jail waiting trial. Reckon he should have asked for a few of dem Ministers and maybe the Taoiseach to sort it out for him.

          1. Rowsdower

            Basic geography is what the non-stupid amongst us call it.

            Obviously, you are left out of that group.

          2. Tony Hall

            So you’re telling me you know for definite there’s no transsexual prostitutes operating in Santa Ponsa? Must have been quite the disappointment for you.

          3. Rowsdower

            I wouldn’t know, ive never been to Santa Ponsa or looked for a transsexual prostitute.

            I guess unlike you, I don’t judge the relative merits of my life success on whether I can find transsexual prostitutes or not so it has no affect on my life; disappointing or otherwise, at all.

  5. Tucker

    If his manner of arrest and the pre-trial exposure is permitted under Brazilian law, how can his trial be prejudiced or compromised? Ms. James seems to be labouring under the misapprehension that Irish law prevails when an Irish citizen (allegedly) breaks the law of another entirely separate sovereign country.

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Due process, presumption of innocence, right to a speedy trial.
      All that is part of the Brazilian criminal justice system so they’re right to have a punt at it.
      Even if he’s guilty as sin.

    2. curmudegon

      Works fine for the US in Ireland, especially when it comes to extradition and/or data protection laws.

      1. Richard Elfson

        People used to being protected by a corrupt system now exposed and they are flailing. Should elicit some pity, but does not as they are so grotesque and it only opens our eyes to the ability of our entangled to be Teflon.

  6. newsjustin

    The Government should tell them that they can’t intervene in any of the investigations because of reasons. And then invite them all out for dinner on Thursday.

  7. thecitizenatbarneys

    How many times a day, do you think, the Minister for Sport’s advisers tell him not to actually laugh in response to questions?

    Tell Pat’s family it’s being “handled internally”.

    1. Mark Dennehy

      Probably as often as Hickey was told not to laugh at Ross for being surprised that an NGO that predates the state and gets 70% of its funding from places other than the state wouldn’t be automatically under the control of the state.

      1. manolo

        The source of funding isn’t really the matter. NGOs are legal entities governed by the law of the country they are registered and operate in – they certainly can’t get away with the church’s type of claim of independence from national laws.

        The issue really is that it should be the Gardai investigating and asking for clarifications.

        1. Kieran NYC

          “they certainly can’t get away with the church’s type of claim of independence from national laws.”

          You’d think…

        2. Mark Dennehy

          On what grounds? The alleged offences aren’t offences in Ireland. It’s Brazilian law (specifically brought in for the Games) that’s alleged to have been broken. We don’t enforce that body of law here.

          Transparency and accountability and the rule of law are the things we should have, but when we don’t have them, “I don’t like that guy, everyone get ‘im” is not a great substitute.

          And when the guy leading the charge is the Minister for Sport, nominally in charge of the Department of Sport and the ISC, I suspect anyone who’s been involved with them in the last decade or two in the “minority sports” is suffering from extreme optic muscle damage from all the eye-rolling it’s inducing. Hearing from them that they’re on the side of the athletes and fair play while any sport that isn’t able to field professional full-time staff is a third-class citizen in their world at best… well, nuts to that. We’re about to watch them take a few years of funding for sport and spend it on this Moran Inquiry (or, to be more candid, the “Lets Merge The OCI and ISC under the one Minister” Inquiry). Which will tell us nothing we didn’t know already, cost us quite a lot judging by previous such tribunals, have no powers to compel testimony, won’t be able to make findings of fact, but will ensure carding grants and capital grants get cut and cause all manner of fun for administration for the next decade. Yay.

          1. manolo

            The law wasn’t brought in just for the olympics. There is an almost exact case involving ten mostly Brazilian suspects in court for the same activity during the World Cup (the investigation is going back four world cups). The accusation in that case is not only for touting (crime in BR, not in IRL, granted), but money laundering, formation of criminal gang and corruption – mostly crimes also in Ireland as far as I know. See it for yourself (in Portuguese): http://uipi.com.br/noticias/geral/2016/07/14/mp-pede-condenacao-de-dez-acusados-de-venda-ilegal-de-ingressos-da-copa/

      2. thecitizenatbarneys

        Hickey did laugh at Ross. And previous Ministers. And athletes.

        Maybe, just maybe, Hickey is responsible for the current problems in top level Irish sport? He’s certainly claimed in the past to have had the power and he’s been there since the 80’s. I’m genuinely interested in your opinion Mark as a fellow sports administrator.

  8. edalicious

    They kind of have a point, in fairness. Hickey has a right to fair trial and a presumption of innocence, until proven otherwise, and that doesn’t really seem to be happening so far.

    1. Phelem Mooney

      Well then they should be telling the BRAZILIAN government!

      What the fupp are they telling Enda Kenny for? He’s just a school teacher.

      1. edalicious

        Do you honestly think they’re writing to our government to intervene before talking directly to the Brazilian government?

          1. Richard Elfson

            Assumption of innocence before the law perhaps, but the rest of us can presume what we like. The gov is not the law, so assume away.

      2. :-Joe


        oh man.. I almost simultaneously choked and drenched my desk with tay at the same time…

        Hickey is the git that keeps on giving… in the comedy stakes anyhow…


  9. Bob

    I hate to say it, but they do have a bit of a point about it looking like a show-trial without the trial part. If he’s guilty, I’d prefer if it looks like justice is done instead of him being able to claim to be a victim

    1. Phelem Mooney

      He should stop victim blaming himself.

      We need some FEMINISTS in here! Hello?! Feminists? Come out your safe spaces. Will a trigger word entice you out?

  10. Rowsdower

    Will charges be brought against this law firm given their likely involvement in the whole affair?

  11. realPolithicks

    The sense of entitlement dripping from every sentence in this statement is a good insight into how this guy and apparently his family, operates.

  12. Del McG

    Sorry, Pat, Shane Ross would just *love* to help you but apparently, he’s been put back in his box…

      1. Martina

        You seem very worried about poor Pat. Take a trip over to Bangu and send him our best: D

        1. Mark Dennehy

          Yeah, because it’ll *only* ever happen to people we don’t like, right?
          Say, like finding out Clare Daly was arrested on suspicion of drink driving…

    1. manolo

      The federal police looks after borders and drugs mainly. The investigations about Pat Hickey are being conducted by the ‘Polícia Civil’ from the state of Rio de Janeiro (@PCERJ).

  13. Condescending nana




  14. RuilleBuille

    Only a couple of weeks ago the bould Hickey was telling a journalist “talks of going for a run in the Phoenix Park “four or five times a week” .

    Now he is at deaths door.

    Three cheers for the Rio police!

    1. justsayin

      was just thinking the same!
      If this ‘im just a poor old man’ card doesn’t work I wonder what the PR company will try next week?Already had the wheel chair card and the heart problem card, from a man who up till last week was a self proclaimed Mr.I run-a-lot!!

  15. brian

    I hope that man hasn’t forgotten his judo while in prison. I hope he rots.

  16. Tish Mahorey

    The establishment cartels outrage at this citizen’s arrest and detention in Brazil and their complete silence on another citizens arrest and detention without trial in Egypt is proof that Ireland is far from being a genuine Republic with all citizens equal before the law.

    And it’s the Hickeyesque types who are people who consistently deny us that through corruption of all aspects of Irish society and institutions.

    1. Harry Molloy

      to be fair, there has been plenty in relation to the lad in Egypt. Shatter in particular before we got rid of him.

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I’ll make sure to find him and personally apologise to him for my posts on this website, which he reads daily I’m sure.

    2. manolo

      Even if he is innocent, him travelling in 1st while the athletes went on economy is probably making a few think that it is well deserved anyway.

      1. Mark Dennehy

        Not sure that’s news to anyone who’s ever read anything about any area of Irish Sports administration. Ministers, ISC officials, FAI, IRFU, whatever alphabet soup contender it is, the athletes are always at the back of the plane and the blazers are always up the front.

    3. Deluded

      Good point Harry.
      Lying to athletes and their families, selling their tickets and price-gouging are all perfectly legal here.
      If the Brazilians don’t nail this then the schadenfreude will be on the other foot.

      1. Deluded

        … gosh I sound bitter, I’m not!
        Rather, I expect that Pat Hickey is well paid for what we expect him to do: look after our Olympians.

    4. :-Joe

      Nope, regardless of being innocent in this situation he’s clearly an arrogant, corrupt, self-serving, greedy gurrier.

      I hope fair justice is served for all but that won’t change the reality of his character and history.

      One less scumbag lurking around in the shadows of Irish society…


  17. Mr M

    Maybe, just maybe like another…………
    He did it for the excitement and will be having them clean his cell for him and earn £250 per week!!!! Etc.

    1. manolo

      literally: “aproveite o mingau de aveia”

      but I think the meaning might be more like “se fudeu e mereceu!”

  18. Donger

    Touting in Brazil is equivalent to travelling to Malaysia with a yoke in your pocket. Not a big deal at home but a big deal there. Silly man paying price for silly actions

    1. Neymar

      Nice analogy Donger. A mate of mine travelled back from Oz with a yoke in his pocket and got the fright of his life when he found it in Heagthrow. I did something similar with weed from Barcelona.

    2. manolo

      Touting is big in Brazil alright. Money laundering, which the Brazilian press seems to be suggesting, is much bigger.

      Even if legal here, is anyone asking whether CGT was paid on any *alleged* income from touting?

  19. Stephen F

    For anyone that wants a bit of a laugh on a Friday afternoon..


    Some nice quotes:
    ‘There was a time when Pat Hickey was on Prime Time and the front pages as prominently and frequently as John Delaney, whatever about Sepp Blatter, but these days he is comfortable being a merely influential figure than a controversial one.’

    ‘It’s not that he’s aged; he might be 69 now but he’s a fresh and vibrant one, thanks to his frequent workouts in his neighbouring Phoenix Park that help make his appearance approximate to what it was when he was so publicly visible over a decade ago.’

    ‘After first assuming the position in 1988, he’s leaving it on his own terms, in his own good time: no one else’s.’

    ‘He takes a certain pride, even delight, in that and all the scraps he had and survived and won.’

    It really does just keep giving…

  20. Jake38

    Clearly the Brazilian justice system is in need of major lessons from the Irish version. We need the following translated into Portuguese at the earliest opportunity…

    “he had drink taken, your honour”
    “he comes from a good family”
    “he’ll go to England”
    “a file is being prepared for the DPP”

    and other gems from our non-functional justice system.

    Viva Brazil!

    1. Paddy

      I got the naughty message a minute ago on the Hasselhoff article… Someone had put up hassle, and I replied something hoff

  21. mildred st. meadowlark

    I’ll be holding a march in Dublin this evening in solidarity with Pat, for all those interested. It starts at hahahaNO o’clock and we’ll be meeting at the spire. Hope to see everyone there.

  22. moroccan rug dealer

    They complain of humilating treatment on his arrest. Frankly it wouldnt matter if he was in a saville row suit and collar and tie.Hickey humilated Ireland on the world stage. He blackguarded the irish athletes. In actual fact he humilated himself . And pay for ye’er own plane tickets and hotels next next in Rio …..wasnt the 2nd room booked in name of his son? Bloody cheek crying wolf.

    1. some old queen

      He’ll be released under house arrest and the defense will be national ignorance. We, the collective ‘WE’, had no idea that ticket fraud was a crime elsewhere. Slap on wrist.

      Now that really is something to cringe about.

  23. Rotide

    Good to see the mouthbreathers are falling over themselves with schadenfreude and completely failing to see the usual hypocrisy here.

    Hickey might be as bent as a nine pound note but no one , particularly a pensioner , deserves to be locked up in jail WITHOUT CHARGE (take note muslim brotherhood) or hearing for any length of time.

    Also amusing is the prevailing groupthink view that brazil is this anti-corruption utopia which is laughable given the recent broohaha with their president.

    1. Phelem Mooney

      The hypocrisy of the Brazilians carrying out justice and imprisoning him whilst they get to the root of his shady dealings? I call that proper.

      If this were Ireland, nothing would become of it. He’s been treated like the next Joe Soap with an added bit of media intrusion. F-him, he’s deserves it, might bring him down a notch or too. Hell, it might even make him a better person.

      1. rotide

        I never mentioned anything about the hypocrisy of the brazilians. Keep up.

        I am directly calling out the hypocrisy of the commenters here WRT the Halwawa case and their rose tinted glasses when it comes to brazil.

    2. Nigel

      In fairness, rotide, surely the attitude should be one of ironic appreciation that a country like Brazil with corruption problems of its own should be giving a masterclass in ruthlessly dealing with someone possibly responsible for long-standing corrupt practices in Ireland by arresting them for something which isn’t even a crime here. (Well, the touting – presumably money laundering is a crime here. Isn’t it?)

      1. rotide

        I agree, it is indeed massively ironic that the brazilians swoop in on this crime where we never did.

        I’m not excusing Hickey. He’s crooked as they come as you’ll find I’ve been saying before people even knew who Pat Hickey was.

        1. john

          For someone who claims to have been trumpeting how corrupt Pat Hickey was before the rest of us even knew the man’s name, you seem noticeably eager to defend him at every turn.

    3. veritas

      You make it sound as if the poor pensioner is being persecuted for something that happened years ago. He was doing it when arrested and would still be doing it if he had not been apprehended. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.
      One more thing,what is the relevance of whether it is a crime in Ireland he is being judged according to the rules of the country in which he committed the crime .You might as well say that if a Philippino was arrested for a gangland murder in Ireland he should be sent home as it is accepted in the Philippines.

      1. rotide

        Again, I never mentioned anything about if its a crime in Ireland or not. If it’s a crime in brazil, arrest and charge him. As of yet as far as I can see, he has not been charged with any crime, yet he’s being held in prison. That’s not right. Charge the fcker or let him go.

        1. john

          Hickey has been in jail for 12 days at the time of writing. You’re going on as if he’s been chained to the wall for the past five or six months.

          Then again, you’re Rotide.

    4. :-Joe

      The general consensus from Irish society via the recent media cares little about the Brazilian justice system and the legality of the situation.

      It seems to care more about the fact that this scumbag has a long standing history of being a scumbag and he’s got good form in being the opposite of what it is expected by his colleagues in representing Ireland and it’s citizens.

      I haven’t heard anything that implies this clown was ever an upstanding citizen wrongly convicted or that he did anything noteworthy apart from “getting the job done”… whatever that has involved.

      The fact that it has been made clear by the media that nobody is wiling to put their neck on the line and speak up for him because there is too much bad blood involving many other people in the past speaks volumes in and of itself.

      The outcome will justify the current actions either way.. hopefully..

      I am enjoying it anyway and long may the story continue.

      It’s rare we get to see the scumbags get due karma in this country.


      1. rotide

        If you’re capable of critical thought, you should probably re-read your post and consider what you are actually saying.

        Firstly, you talk about Irish society and pretend that joe public even knew who Pat Hickey was before this. They didn’t. No one without an interest in sport knew what he was up to at all, don’t pretend otherwise.
        he’s got good form in being the opposite of what it is expected by his colleagues in representing Ireland and it’s citizens.
        Do you know who any of his colleagues are? Do you know anything about them? I can tell you right now that anyone rising to the top of the political morass of sport in any country is cut from the same cloth as Hickey. Here’s a clue, John Delaney is next in line.

        Basically, every post on this thread boils down to what you wrote.
        “I’m glad this 70 year old man is in prison without charge and due process because he represents everything my impotent rage about events in this country over the last 10 years is unable to do anything about”

        1. :-Joe

          I love that you care about my ability to posit reasoned and critical thoughts about a particular issue upon the random public and Broadsheet.ie commentors.


          With all due or undue respect, from the former I would rather ignore the opportunity to debate like an idiot…

          …So I offer you this as my best argument, and let this be my best argument for all, until the end of time… at least my time anyway….


          Enjoy…much love…


    5. Deluded

      You are being a little hysterical rotide, Trickey is a guest of the state until charged as he is a flight risk.
      I think, like some others, you spend too much time on Twitter and Facebook and take it all too seriously. If you have concerns perhaps you could address them, not the rest of us.

      That is an unseemly “brouhaha” with their president, it was flagged some time ago in the American leftie journals as a potential distraction from the massive corruption investigations in the country (almost 400 elected representatives involved)
      I would make a comparison with the distraction of Trickey’s sudden fragility and concern with the correct exercise of the law.

    6. Anne

      “Hickey might be as bent as a nine pound note but no one , particularly a pensioner ,”

      A pensioner is someone drawing down a pension.. like the old aged pension.
      Shur why would he bother with that pittance, when he can be scamming millions for him and his cronies?

      And, are you saying he deserves special treatment because he’s not young?

  24. Jimmy Russell

    Pity they weren’t as concerned with his many dealings and activities leading up to current events

  25. Spagnolia von Hoop

    Solicitors can’t be much good if they’re appealing to Flanagan and Ross to intervene and spin some favour for Hickey. How legal is that?

  26. Anne

    I really don’t have much sympathy for the man… but at his age, when you’ve been getting away with being a gangster – and that’s what they all are – all your life, and all of a sudden you’re caught at 70 odd years of age, it must be a tough pill to swallow like.

    Another thing, where’s the money lead to? It wasn’t all just for Pat Hickey.. The cesspit of corruption in this country will have plenty worried I’d say… Rotten greedy fuppsh*tes.

        1. Anne

          Probably said already.. but looks like they had their eye on him from a while back.


          While Romario claimed four years ago that Hickey was involved in touting tickets for London 2012, today has seen Brazilian police state they have proof that Hickey was involved in touting for 2016.

          Hickey’s arrest is described by Brazilian police as being the third phase of their inquiry, and it all began with Romario’s allegations four year ago.

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