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  1. b

    a warning, possibly in red capital letters, would be helpful to let people know these vans need to stop in inopportune spots to deal with illegal parking?

    1. The Real Jane

      It might help, but there again, would it really stop the parade of CLAMPERS STOPPED VAN HERE IT WAS RONG I WANT 2 STOP EVERYWHERE BUT DEY MIGHT CLAMP ME Y 1 LAW 4 DEM N ANOTHER 4 ME IF I STOPPED DERE I WUD BE CLAMPED Y NOT DEM??? posts? Ultimately,the problem is that everyone wants the laws to apply to everyone but them and aren’t really too concerned about the details.

  2. Increasing Displacement

    It says on the back:

    “WARNING!” (in red)

    “This vehicle may stop to facilitate….”

    Kinda gives the impression they can stop places like this to do their work? Or do they carry the clamps from the nearest parking spot they can find?

    I dunno.

  3. medieval knievel

    what’s the big deal? you expect them to head off and find a parking spot half a mile away and come back to the illegally parked car on foot?

    1. clamper

      if you would know rules of the road properly, you would understand, that clampers as garda, fire brigade and ambulance are exempt, from many road rules, plus, you are allowed to park on double yellow up to 10min, so posting pics like this, you make a joke on yourself…

      1. Gob

        Care to post the legislation supporting your comment (not the rules of the road as they arent worth the paper theyre written on)?

        That 10 minutes seems like BS to me.

        Also, don’t place clampers in same bag as emergency services. Yeah they have by-law support from DCC, but that doesn’t give the all the rights the emergency services have.

  4. Susan The Silent

    That’s dangerous parking, not just illegal parking, because it’s within 14 feet of a junction. It needs to be towed rather than clamped as it’s putting other road users, pedestrians and cyclists in particular, in danger.

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