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On Monday afternoon, despite the tempting display of pastries piled on the counter, Luigi Massone’s café, Scoff, on Ranelagh’s main street was empty save for two small tables of customers.

Pointing behind him, just hours after new higher parking charges came into force in the Dublin 6 village, Massone said: “Look, the place is empty. It’s lunchtime. They changed a lot of rules. The business of everybody has gone down.”

Parking tariffs rose across the city on Monday. However, Ranelagh and Rathmines are among the districts most affected, seeing a 70 per cent increase in charges from €1.60 to €2.70 per hour

‘Look, the place is empty’ – rise in parking charges hits Ranelagh businesses (Irish Times)


This morning.

Social Democrats cllr Elisa O’Donovan tweetz:

This is so depressing to see. Cars parked in space where a few months ago beautiful, mature trees had stood. There was such an opportunity to use this green space as a positive community amenity and space shame on previous Limerick Council councillors for voting for this.