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Vinny Staggliano writes:

Something that may interest your readers: Dublin chillwave dance act The Swedish Railway Orchestra, led by indie musician Rob Smith (top) will be launching their debut album, Northern Lights, in the cozy (and unorthodox) confines of O’Donoghues’ Bar on Suffolk Street, Dublin 2 tonight.

The show is free and kicks off at 8pm sharp.

Swedish Railway Orchestra

11 thoughts on “Free Show Tonight

  1. Peter

    Do you guys know if there’s any free shows on elsewhere in the city tonight. Preferably something with a hook or interesting melody versus this utter dross. Thanks in advance.

  2. some old queen

    How many tech artists claim to be retro because they can’t figure the percussive swing function on Cubase?

    Or have a figgen shave.

    I thank you.

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