36 thoughts on “The Last Fool

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Tim Fast Foot
      kr Tank
      under Chris windover
      was Trowed away
      Beoching the larchway
      the apron on the other side was trelacted
      NO PARKING (mijhrar days)

  1. Dough Berman

    The Last Fool
    to park
    under this window
    was towed away.
    “Blocking the, laneway”
    The space on the other side
    was inbeted!
    NO PARKING (Nigeria days

  2. tofumonkey

    The last fool to park under this window was towed away, “Blocking the laneway”, the space on the other side was (ticketed?), No parking (night or day)

    1. jonjo

      Yep great interpretation… I was thinking Nigeria myself but the second dot is from the exclamation mark above. I also struggled with “ticketed”

  3. Harry Molloy

    Written in an angry frenzy, capitals and red lines to show said anger.

    I bet that person comments under journal and independent articles.

  4. Waddy Dilson

    Tim Fast Food
    Mr Tank
    Under this mindover
    Vat truwed envoy
    Patorching *pi symbol* laneway
    the agnas smtheother side was invented

  5. Caroline

    You know say Daddy Snow me, I’m gonna blame
    A licky boom-boom down
    Detective man says Daddy Snow stabbed someone down the lane
    A licky boom-boom down

    1. manonfire

      Remember to thank the witty hack Captain Freegear of the almighty while your there..

      Hes half blind but sharp as a razor

  6. manonfire

    Id wager hes fed up with all the hipsters parking on his gate on their way into the peoples park on sundays

  7. Quinch

    That would be the handwriting of an older person with mild Parkinson’s. Not someone who has bad handwriting or dyslexia.

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