27 thoughts on “Just Dropped

  1. Donger

    I’ve realised that a lot of BS posts come from tiny radius of the grand canal between Harold’s cross and the ifsc

    1. Tish Mahorey

      Millenials. They all eat from pop-up restaurants, use Dublin Bikes, Hailo, Deliveroo, Tinder, never read printed newspapers, walk while looking at their phones, slag off people in bad jeans, think the world revolves around them.

    1. Maire

      @Dav Lots of building going on around Baggot St. Might belong to one of the builders. Don’t judge!

          1. andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            ps I watched The Circuit, the show I recommended the other day. It was wojus. An awful let-down considering Sharon Horgan and the guy who wrote Utopia penned it.

    1. Relegation6

      I’m the Gimboid that found the keys.

      I wasn’t going to be passing that gym anytime soon so I decided to see if the owner read BS/followed BS on Twitter.
      He had his keys back by lunchtime today.

      You’re as helpful as the guy on Twitter that suggested I stop invading his precious timeline and print out a poster for the local Spars window instead….

      Also emailed the gym at 9am and had no reply as of 6pm today….

      So maybe I made the right call to use Twitter.

    1. scottser

      If you can’t open a bottle of beer with another bottle then you have no business drinking bottled beer.

      1. andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        You’re not the boss of me, buddy. I’ll drink beer when and where I like.
        I would happily have one right now, actually. Pilsener Urquell, while you’re up there. Ta.

        1. Waddy Dilson

          Open with a lighter, stone, knife handle, spoon handle, table edge, wall…whatever is going really

          1. andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I’m a laydee. I’ve managed to chip the top of a bottle off trying those “cool” ways of opening beers.

          1. andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Nope. Too posh (/notions (though I used to be a fan of royal dutch back in the day)). Though I know it’s all about cans these days.

    2. Waddy Dilson

      The bottle opener serves as a sad reminder of Christmas at home with the folks and this was the best thing in the crackers. Cold damp ham sat in a carving plate in the middle of the table, empty whisky bottles strewn haphazardly across the floor, Father screaming obscenities at the latest tart brought home by his floppy haired yuppy son, Mother crying leaned over the fireplace lighting a cigarette the wrong way around and screaming at Father for ruining yet another Christmas ………
      Then Stephens day, he emerges from the storeroom that was once his childhood refuge from the arguments and blaring televisions…bleary eyed, vague recollections of whatever transpired the night before, was there a reconciliation, did the night end on a better note than “I don’t know why you f****g bother coming out here anyway….” ? He doesn’t remember ….
      “Morning son, cup of tea?”
      “Yeah, go on … are we having dinner here again today?”
      “Course, sure we always do”
      Tentatively the rest of the guests emerge from hiding, a strange atmosphere of apprehension and resentment, with just a tinge of hope looms large in the house

  2. 15 cent

    that gym is across the road from whelans on wexford street, above the shop called ‘Fresh’ .. its a chip scanner thingy so they’ll scan it and see the owner and call them.

  3. shytehawke

    To put everyone’s mind at rest, they are my keys and I am very grateful that they have been found.
    two points to clear up
    1. They are covered in dirt because I dropped them yesterday, they will have a days worth of being walked, cycled and rained on. My pockets are spotless.
    2. Well done to Waddy Dilson, that is indeed a bottle opener from a Christmas cracker.

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