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Dylan Finglas, aged three, from Dublin, lives with Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency (MSD).

MSD sees sufferers, over time, develop breathing difficulties, lose their sight, hearing, ability to walk, swallow and ultimately organ failure.

Most children diagnosed with MSD don’t live to see their 10th birthday.

Dylan’s parents, Michelle and Alan, are trying to raise funds for research into MSD – for a clinical trial for Dylan and children with the same condition.

To this end, similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge in aid of Motor Neurone Disease, Kiera Grafton has set up the Cream Pie Challenge (see video above) where those getting a cream pie rubbed in their face – donate €4 by text Dylan to 50300 -and, in turn, nominate others to get the same.

Saving Dylan

Thanks Kiera


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4 thoughts on “Pies For Dylan

  1. moould

    I wish them the very best of luck but what an awful world we live in

    a guy films himself getting a pie in the face to encourage people to text donations so that money will go to a charity which will fund research into a clinical trial of something which might help a sick child. wat

  2. Serval

    I don’t think this is a good idea because it costs money to buy the pie (unlike the water bucket thang).
    But, good luck.

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