13 thoughts on “Sensible Driving

    1. Kieran NYC

      I’d prefer to trust a self-driving car over other potential drivers talking, texting, picking their nose, dozing off, getting distracted, being drunk or high, etc etc

  1. moould

    how remarkable that a video produced by an arch techno-capitalist corporation argues for an arch techno-capitalist solution

  2. Gorev Mahagut

    You mean if we sack the directors of all for-profit corporations and replace them with an alogorithm programmed to make decisions based on collectivist concern for all living things (rather than vulgar short-term self-interest) we could end the inequality, injustice and environmental destruction which have become the hallmark of our era?


    1. ironcorona

      Isn’t the hallmark of our era an increase in health and wealth and well being and a reduction in war and crime?

  3. mauriac

    why let ,”monkeys” do anything? I for one welcome our synthetic overlords.
    I do try to maintain a big distance on a motorway for the greater good . if the Gard’s occasionally drove at fifty side by side along the m50 they would do alot to cut out jams.

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