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Our Insect overlords.

Are they multiplying?

Tipperary-based apple farmer and horticulturist Cornelius Traas writes:

I Had a van driver delivering to me yesterday. His van was covered in squashed insects (see above). He said he hasn’t seen the likes in 25 years. I was noticing the same a few days ago.

Our chat ensued about how this was mostly just because many less vehicles on the road at the moment. Then we went on to discuss how many more are probably now surviving due to less traffic. And then to how much of a factor traffic is in insect decline.

And conversation then went to possibly mathematically modelling the contribution of traffic to loss of insect life in Ireland. Always felt it was a major factor. This looks like evidence.



In Ballycotton, east Cork, no nonsense ‘Garda Mick’ directs traffic away from the carpark for the popular cliff walk.

Hard but fair or frankly ridiculous?

YOU decide.


This afternoon/evening.

Heading into the All Together Now Festival, Curraghmore Estate, County Waterford

John Gallen writes

TWO hours we were stuck in traffic. Have turned back, going to go in again…. on foot! Thank god for the trolley we have.

Traffic ‘chaotic’ with Waterford All Together Now Festival (Waterford Live)


One of the new 55m Luas trams on O’Connell Bridge, Dublin last week

Justin McCarthy, of RTE, reports:

The Dáil has been told that passengers taking the new Luas Cross City line at rush hour would be “quicker walking” because of congestion in Dublin city centre.

The claim was made by Fianna Fáil’s transport spokesman Robert Troy.

He said he took the Cross City line from Dawson Street to O’Connell Street this morning “in order to experience for myself the length of time”.

“It took 20 minutes, I would have been quicker walking,” he said.

“Coming back I took a taxi in order to be here for Question Time. [It took] 25 minutes.

Passengers are ‘quicker walking’ than taking new Luas line, Dáil hears (RTE)

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