36 thoughts on “Whyte’s Pride

  1. Podge

    This is historic memorabilia from an important era in our shared history, however some of ye would rather see this destroyed and forgotten.

    The comparison might be made between this attitude and the destruction of Palmyra by Daesh, in both cases a group views something as distasteful to their world view and seek to remove all trace from history

    1. forfeckssake

      Nope, genocide is objectively wrong and survivors of the NAZIs attempts at genocide are still alive as are close relatives of survivors and victims. That’s the difference.

      Also these items are bought and sold for profit and pleasure.

    2. Nigel

      Finding the market in Nazi memorabilia distasteful is the same as destroying ancient historical artifacts with explosives? People who make hysterical comparisons between completely disparate things are worse than Hitler.

    3. Jess

      I get what you mean but there is an issue with profiteering with this. Destroying these items would be an act of historical vandalism, i agree, therefore the best place for them is in a museum, donated, where no money has changed hands.

    4. Starina

      oh please. there’s a difference between making a profit off Nazi memorabilia and preserving it in a museum for reasons of historical importance.

  2. Bruncvik

    If I were still single and didn’t pay a mortgage, I would’ve jumped at the opportunity to grab all the Afrika Corps uniform pieces and wear them whenever I’d be playing the Panzer Commander games.

  3. TomCo

    I don’t really see the harm in it tbh.
    They’re interesting artifacts from a monstrous period in human history, its not like the money is lining the pockets of the Fuhrer himself .

  4. Cot

    Disgusting. The people who buy these Nazi objects generally have a sneaking regard for the Nazis. Utterly vile that an auctioneer is making money of this.

  5. Kieran NYC

    “Nothing from the Allied side?”

    – “No, that sort of thing wouldn’t interest me at all.”

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