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Ah cumann.

Sinn Fein branch honours Nazi collaborator, insists Nelson McCausland (Belfast Telegraph)

Joseph McGarrity?



Art Vandelay writes:

Was looking to buy a bobber on donedeal… Saw this one (above) for sale – Interesting symbol on the tank…

Bobber for Sale (Donedeal)

Yesterday: Whyte’s Pride



Property developer Johnny Ronan (above) and his closing evidence to the banking inquiry in which Nama represents the Nazis and the author symbolises the persecution and destruction of 6 million Jewish people.

Or something.

Arbeit macht frei?


In what could easily (and may yet prove to) be a companion piece to Dov Hikind’s Nazis out of New York campaign, Youtuber Marca Blanca presents the Third Reich Friends.

*German speakers are invited to suggest a less Googlish  translation of ‘They’ll be there for you’.


[An ad on New York City Assembyman Dov Hikind’s website]

Business Insider reports that Democratic New York City Assemblyman Dov Hikind is to start an ad campaign warning New Yorkers that they might be living next to a Nazi.

It reports:

‘According to an announcement posted on his site Tuesday, Hikind’s ads asking, “Would you be a Nazi’s neighbor?” will be appearing in newspapers and bus stops around New York starting Wednesday [today]. The announcement describes the ads as “part of Hikind’s campaign to rid the United States once and for all of illegal Nazi war criminals.” Hikind, who represents a district in Brooklyn with a large Orthodox Jewish population said the campaign was inspired by the case of a former Nazi guard who lives in Queens.

“Jakiw Palij, an ex-Nazi slave-labor camp guard, continues to live comfortably in Jackson Heights, N.Y., because the United States has, thus far, found it difficult to get rid of him,” Hikind said in a statement accompanying the announcement about the ads.’


New Yorkers Are About To See These Ads Warning That Their Neighbors Might Be Nazis (Business Insider)

H/T: Frank Fitzgibbon


A screenshot of a hastily deleted tweet from the Irish Times tonight.