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Danny Deeporeleases new album ‘Sounds from a Living Planet’

What you may need to know…

01. Limrock-resident turntablist and sonic explorer Danny Deepo released new full-length Sounds from a Living Planet last week via Bandcamp.

02. One of the foundations of Irish skratch and general weirdo beats, he co-founded the Galway Community Skratch Games along with Deviant, Jimmy Penguin and Mikey Fingers, then all collaborating as Vince MackMahon.

03. He’s manipulated decks for a number of groupings and bands, but has been exceptionally busy as a solo producer in recent years, with two albums and an E.P. to his name since the beginning of 2015.

04. Sounds from a Living Planet is streaming above in its entirety and available for download in the widget above.

VERDICT: Drawing samples and sounds from all over the world, and melding them via sampling and turntablism, Danny Deepo’s expositions journey from beats into psychedelia and experimentation.

Danny Deepo

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4 thoughts on “You May Like This: Danny Deepo

  1. rory

    Point 3 (‘He’s exceptionally busy as a solo producer’) makes me wonder what he earns in a year. Or people in a similar boat.

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