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Nice Balls – a dangling desk accessory from Spanish creative agency Imaginarte – designed by special effects engineer Raúl Rodríguez Romeo.

Apparently the ‘Euclidian curve’ presented by the smooth rubber pelotas offers a pleasing, stress-relieving squeeze-toy for working men and women with a minute or two to spare.

An extremely limited edition means you may have to make do with your own. Or somebody else’s.


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15 thoughts on “Hang Time

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Cannot wait for the squeezable breasts version. Although a woman’s genitals that one could cup under the desk might even be better… the product line could be huge!

    Great news ! :)

        1. stephen

          I’ve spent a few minutes thinking and can’t for the life of me figure out what b****** b***** is, can you give me second and last letters and I might get it.

          Also re the balls why not give them a nice fuzzy coating

          1. Crosaire

            Single member of popular Liverpudlian beat combo from the 1960s and an old style of woman’s hat. (6, 6)

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