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A dubiously described but pleasing to look at ‘five dimensional’ sculpture inspired by mathematics and the Fibonacci sequence.

Conceived by artist Ivan Black and Atellani, the Square Wave consists of 21 precisely bent metal rods and assumes various shapes and patterns depending on how it is held and the amount of kinetic energy applied to it.

Intended as a stress relief toy and possibly also a means of opening a portal to Hell or something.


Imaginarte_Niceballs_05_72-57c7e934a8355__880 NICEBALLS-OR-HOW-TO-BE-PRODUCTIVE-WHILST-PLAYING-WITH-YOUR-BALLS-57c7e977ab7e7__880 Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 21.38.30

Nice Balls – a dangling desk accessory from Spanish creative agency Imaginarte – designed by special effects engineer Raúl Rodríguez Romeo.

Apparently the ‘Euclidian curve’ presented by the smooth rubber pelotas offers a pleasing, stress-relieving squeeze-toy for working men and women with a minute or two to spare.

An extremely limited edition means you may have to make do with your own. Or somebody else’s.