Build Your Own Home



Desperate for a house?

Don’t forget your shovel.

Niall Martin writes:

Homegrown Home Co-Operative is interested in hearing from anyone who would like to build their own home under expert tuition. You must:

1) Be on the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Council housing list

2) Have the staying power to stick with a construction project that will take a year to complete.

3) Be available to work on a construction site from 8am – 4pm Mon- Fri , or have a family member(s) who can stand in for you when necessary

No experience necessary , social welfare payments not affected. Applications welcome from families with a member with a disability , or those from ethnic minorities .This is a not for profit project .

We are looking for five committed families who will work together to attain the goal of building five homes that they will own .For an information pack contact

Above: drawings from architects Claire McManus and Dominic Stevens who are both working on the Homegrown project.

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21 thoughts on “Build Your Own Home

  1. Zaccone

    How would it not effect social welfare payments if you have to be “available to work on a construction site from 8am – 4pm Mon- Fri “. Surely working on a building site for 8 hours a day would fail the “not currently working, available and looking for work” criteria of most social welfare payments?

    1. Yup

      Hi there,
      You will be on an LTI, a local training initiative. This allows you to continue getting payments and duting the build you will receive qualifications

  2. Maire

    Great idea. However, it wont be long before some Department Hack finds a loophole that requires months of useless paperwork to delay the project.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Yeah. Things like health and safety, planning permission, proper training and review, etc.

      Screw that. So what if they end up with another Priory Hall situation, be grand.

      1. forfeckssake

        This project is being run by experience professionals they’re not making it up as they go along. It’s nonsense to assume the architects haven’t considered things like planning permission.

      2. LiamZero

        And you wonder why people disagree with you so much.
        Probably because you seem to type the first knee-jerk reaction that comes into your head without actually stopping to consider the reality of the situation.
        This seems like an extremely positive project and it’s not-for-profit, so presumably being done for the right reasons, while being open to all. Park the bitter, petty cynicism for a bloody change would you.

        1. Kieran NYC

          Me? It was Maire who immediately jumped to nonsense conclusions about a big bad bureaucracy meddling with this project because they’re evil and they feel like it.

          I was pointing out that the process isn’t there for fun. Without it, it leads to the type of situations like Priory Hall that she’d be the first to complain about.

          Calm down.

          1. Nigel

            Point well taken, but in fairness, if you’ve ever dealt with the Irish Planning Process you’d know she wasn’t referring to any of those things.

          2. LiamZero

            Maire’s conclusion was understandable. As any private individual who has tried to build a house (or even an extension) in this country will know, there are usually innumerable delays that relate mainly to petty and needless paperwork. Developers like McFeely, with his wonderful Priory Hall project, don’t usually run into such delays. Can’t guess why.
            Your response completely failed to understand this and came across as needlessly dismissive, tall poppy-attacking approach to what seems like a worthy idea.

  3. Turgenev

    There doesn’t seem to be information online about what these homes comprise, what size they are, where they’ll be etc…?

    1. Andy

      Yeah, cause I don’t want just any old type of free home…………..

      …………………..For one years work they get a house.

      FFS. Why do people with jobs even bother?

      1. Nigel

        Probably because of the vague burning sense of simmering resentment that fuels their every waking moment?

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