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  1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

    Treat yo’self and get a nice coffee instead of something like skanky bath water

  2. Paul

    you earn 1euro worth of points for every 20euro spent in stores unless my math is wrong. It’s not a great deal (by comparison, you get a 10euro voucher for spending 100euro in Hodges Figgis) but if you call in for a coffee and a pastry/sandwich every now and then, you’d have a free coffee before too long.

    …even quicker (and sneakier) if you’re with friends and you put everyones purchases on your card.

  3. goof

    spend 60quid to get a free coffee. munchies and others who work off about 8/9 coffees then a free one would appear to be a 1/3 of that spend. shoddy.

  4. kellma

    Costa is a rip-off. Their coffee is way more expensive than O Brien’s and other coffee outlets and this piece of plastic is a near worthless wallet filler…

  5. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Costa lot. Their coffee is quite nice but all their cakes and sangers are fairly manky.
    I’ve become a Coffee Angel fan. Lovely coffee.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      An now hang on a minute. The tea in Costa is ok and not the hideous brew of boiled socks they like to serve in Starbucks.

      1. pedeyw

        Costa, Starbucks, Insomnia and OBrien’s are all pretty terrible. Costa is meh and overpriced, Insomnia is a bitter brew so is Obrien’s and Starbucks is, well, starbucks. It’s bizarre to me why anyone likes starbucks.

  6. G

    Doing the correct maths on this “offer” it will cost at least €60 before you get a freebie.

    From the Costa Website

    “For every full €/£1 you spend at the till on food and drink, you’ll collect 5 points”

    “Each point equals €/£0.01 when redeemed against a purchase. When you’ve collected enough points, you can redeem them against your selected food or drink for free. For example, 200 points = €/£2.00.”

    So if any of their “coffee” products are, let’s say €3. you only have to spend (5 points per €1 spent) 300/5=60…A mere €60 for one free coffee. What a bargain, sign me up!

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