The Revolution May Not Be Televised



Trade Union TV needs your help.

The online video outlet for union and community activism in Ireland is using Australian social enterprise platform Chuffed to crowdfund new equipment for future video, and to catalogue the already-hefty archives of anti-austerity activity.

Sez TUTV boss Paula Geraghty:

We’ve been there for communities to document their struggles. Our output has slowed down because our equipment is out of date. We’re also not funded by the state or any organisations.

We get no funding at all. But we keep getting asked to cover events for groups that have even less resources and we don’t want to let them down.

Now we need your help to be able to continue to document and tell those stories, honestly, professionally and independently.

We want to continue to report on the stories that don’t always get the coverage they deserve.

Please help us to replace equipment to allow us to let people’s stories be heard. We also need hard drives to archive the footage. We have a lot of footage!

Donations here.

Crowdfunding deadline is October 18.

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10 thoughts on “The Revolution May Not Be Televised

    1. dav

      A pity they don’t fund it. It’s only through a united front that the continued exploitation of working people, can be stopped.

      1. ahjayzis

        *As long as the exploitation isn’t going on under a government that contains the Labour Party.

        **Does not apply when/if public servants are paid off – private sector can go fupp itself in that case.

    2. Rob_G

      €2,500 is not a huge amount of money, you would think they would.

      Although, are the producers of these videos paid? If they are working for free, they are part of the downward trend in the creative industries of people being expected to work for nothing.

  1. b

    i hope they get some funding anyway, alot of these protest videos suffer from poor production issues, like when they cut straight to the guards pushing people out of the way and audio fails to capture the words of strong encouragement coming from the concerned citizens

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