14 thoughts on “Dear PewDiePie

  1. IPredictedThis

    Pewdiepie is the biggest youtuber in history. This is epic!!! (Though I did predict this would happen. LJG is the best!!! )

  2. Starina

    i have a theory. bs is actually paying this tool for exclusive use of his videos because they want to piggyback clicks off his “success”. am i wrong, bodger? if it’s true, you’ve totally backed the wrong horse.

    1. Rob_G

      They do generate mad traffic for Broadsheet in that lots of people comment to express their ire – maybe that is why they are doing it.

  3. Mourinho

    I’ve yet to watch an LJG video, put managing to start a conversation with the biggest youtube channel is great marketing.

    Fair play.

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