Mark Fearon tweetz:

This car is parked at Nutgrove [Shopping Centre in Rathfarnham, Dublin 14]! Has to be up there with the worst ever.



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14 thoughts on “Nutsgrove

  1. Listrade

    Just a guess based on the angle and position, but I’d say it looks more likely that they were parked in one of the disabled spots but left the handbrake off and it has rolled there. But that’d mean it was an unfortunate accident rather than a celebratory judgement.

  2. Talismania!

    If it was the handbrake, the owner of that beige thing must be happy he parked next to the only trees in the car park . . .

  3. 15 cent

    haha i love all the forensic commenters wading in like David Caruso .. “hm, seems to be, judging by the line of trajectory, taking in for account, the corleosis effect”

  4. David Gantly

    That’s the new FIAT 500 X. It’s that kind of car. Sightly off road. The owner’s just keeping it real.

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