This morning.

Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin

Dr Catherine Jacobson (top), director of clinical research at Tilray, and Dr Arno Hazekamp, Chief Scientist at Bedrocan (second pic) address the Global Medical Cannabis Summit about the innovations and developments that are “changing the trajectory of this global debate” on the legalisation of the ‘erb.


Last night: Give Weed A Chance

Thanks Nial N

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21 thoughts on “No Dopes

  1. Tony

    Thank god they fixed the mic. It wasn’t working for first 20 min, but no one seemed to care. I love stoners, their tolerance and their sense of meh..

      1. Tony

        No. But there are many functioning stoners like myself who are we aware of the benefits of cannabis, but are pretty laid back due to the residual thc in our bones. I’d never call us layabouts. But if that’s your impression, then I suggest.. Ah meh..

        1. Anomanomanom

          Its not the thc that give the benefits. Thats what gives the stoned feeling. Its the cbd that is used for medical purposes. See lazy layabouts, read a book.

          1. Tony

            The laid back comes from the THC… Thats what I said smarty. Never pick a fight with a stoner, we will bore you out of it.

  2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    The list of issues behind her on the screen wouldn’t make you feel too good about yourself, though. Especially the last one.

  3. Caroline™

    “Chief scientist at TCD”? Is that her actual job title?

    Sounds a bit suss. Are you sure she wasn’t three child-scientists in a trenchcoat?

    1. Louis Lefronde

      The drinks industry? They would if they could but they can’t! The biggest roadblock in Ireland is the overtly conservative elements in the medical profession (who haven’t done their CPD) that seem to ignore the weight of international evidence including papers in The Lancet which supports legal regulation of cannabis for medicinal use. Of course should not forget how many doctors are brought on junkets organised by large pharmaceutical companies.

      1. Kieran NYC


        Anytime there’s a discussion about cannabis, they get a doctor who says they see patients with paranoia or ‘lack of motivation’. Well duh. The thousands who are using weed just fine have no reason to see a doctor.

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