34 thoughts on “The Outback

  1. The Real Jane

    This outhouse is being advertised as human accommodation for which a monthly fee is expected? Have I got that right?

  2. MoyestWithExcitement

    The poor landlord. He must have been terribly upset when he was forced to charge 900 blips a month for this.

      1. Nessy

        Yeah, it’s his/her god given right to give up his garden shears’ space in favour of a real life, live in, paying garden gnome

  3. Darren

    “Utility Package: Electricity, Water, Bins and Free to Air Tv – Additional €100.00 Per Month.” – I presume this would be compulsory??

    1. The Real Jane

      It’s funny that they’re charging for water when water charges are currently suspended. Not for the lucky inhabitant of the Enchanted Cottage.

    2. Nessy

      Yeah I’d have thought that unless the shed has its own meter/mprn number aka it’s own supply, then the shed dweller or owner wouldn’t be able to determine exactly what their bills are. Suppose it’s just another way for this shed entrepreneur to make more money

  4. mildred st. meadowlark

    Well there ya are folks, this is the future. Enjoy yer fancy houses with yer proper brick walls, portahouse is coming to your local area soon.

  5. Rompsky

    If anyone has some spare time, go for a viewing and ask about their planning permission for this accomodation

    1. Spud1

      Not even a cooker either.
      Ads like this should be reported… but they’ll probably have multiple desperate offers before they’d be taken down, if at all…

    1. Murtles

      Tis the nicest I’ve seen and will get great usage when that paint is knocked over onto your newly washed clothes.

  6. C Sharp

    This is just immoral.
    Shame on the landlord and estate agent.
    Basically a grand a month to sleep in someone’s garden shed.

    This country is f**ked.

    1. Clive Northwood

      You are correct, according to citizensinformation.ie: http://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/housing/renting_a_home/repairs_maintenance_and_minimum_physical_standards.html

      “They must also provide facilities for cooking and for the hygienic storage of food, to include the following:

      4-ring hob with oven and grill
      Cooker hood or extractor fan
      Fridge and freezer, or a fridge-freezer
      Microwave oven
      Kitchen cupboards that are suitable and adequate for storing food
      Sink with mains water supply, hot water and draining area”

  7. Rainy Day

    What if you turn down the generous offer of the ‘Utility Package’ and ask to have your own Electricity, Water (no longer billed), Bins and Free to Air Tv (should be free) billed separately? … I would say that might cause some awkwardness for the kind benevolent landlord.

  8. The Real Jane

    Seriously though, should Roney Lyons not be clamping down on this kind of craic? I wonder if they’ll ask him about why this kind of thing is being advertised the next time he’s on RTE?

    Ans: No, they won’t ask.

  9. St. John Smythe

    Where does the door at the back lead to?

    Also, why is it necessary to mention it is near to a primary schooI?

    Are these two questions related!???

  10. Clive Northwood

    “Suitable for one”…”Plenty of schools in the area”.

    Children should really be moving out by the time they hit primary school anyway. Leeches.

  11. Custo

    So they’re also looking for 100 for bills & TV a month because it’s all on the household account? Because IT’S A FUPPING GARAGE

  12. Glat1

    I’d take it. After my recent acrimonious breakup I had to sell my traveling funfair. I’ve a satellite dish I took from the marital caravan, so Free-view is covered. I’ve also got a serviceable 500kw generator, I’ll park that in front of his house, because it’s too big to go through the gate, and a bit noisy. I’ll ask if he can leave his kitchen window open, so I can run the cable through his house. Ditto the water tanker, though the pipe is a bit shorter, so I’ll have to leave that in his drive. Rubbish might be a bit more of a problem. I see that there is a handy wall I could sling it over.

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