15 thoughts on “Time Travel Adventures

  1. Cop On

    Ha ha ha! REPEAL My Arse.

    Don’t be surprised if those GAA neanderthals hold a minutes silence for Alan Hawe today.

      1. Frilly Keane

        There’s no free tickets

        Face value is transferred

        but there’ll be plenty of availability for the ladies final on Sunday

        Lets see Michelle bother her whole then


        1. Hank

          Why “Hon”?
          this was confusing me the day Tipp won the hurling and people were shouting “Hon Tipp”.
          Is it supposed to be short for “Go on”?
          Cos then, wouldn’t G’wan Cork make more sense?

  2. Truth in the News

    What about a ticket for her friend from Kenya in order to cement
    international relations and to propogate the National Game in
    throughout Kenya, indeed Francis Fitzgerald could pick the travel
    costs aided with a few bob from the GAA.

  3. Ultach

    Nice to see Martin McGuinness’s granny on the far right there, so to speak, disguised as Oliver Cromwell if I’m not mistaken.

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