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  1. Kieran NYC

    Shane Ross should absolutely not get involved in the bus strike and allow himself to be held hostage by the militant unions as in days of old.

        1. Yep

          And the reason they have “tried to crack CIÉ”? Its part of the job. Ross is involved by title alone. To what degree he should be involved is debatable.

      1. Kieran NYC

        Thanks, Janet.

        I wasn’t out last night and while a few friends were in the general area, no bad news to report, thankfully. Life goes on :)

    1. petey

      bud drivers should not allow themselves to be held hostage by ideological capitalists like in the days of now.
      thank god for the old militant unions, they improved the lives of tens of millions, and in the process of all of us.
      or perhaps kieran you’d like to feel the power of returning drivers, and all other workers, to 72 hour weeks?

      1. Kieran NYC

        Oh please. They both went to the impartial Labour Court and then rejected the expert recommendation of 8..5% out of hand. Immediately called strikes. When the first two days didn’t work, they pushed the nuclear button and added 13 more days.

        This isn’t about protecting workers’ rights or safety. It’s about bully tactics and greed. Pure and simple.

  2. Sido

    Nothing about the “mistaken attack” by the USAF on Syrian forces. They hit a Syrian Airbase with two F16s and then sent in two A10s too machine gun the survivors 62 dead, loads wounded.
    Perhaps they mistook the airbase for a hospital.

        1. Golden Lucky Bags

          Yeah, Enda…
          He’s great.

          I love the way he fiddles with his balls all day long wearing a suit.
          – I know some other reprehensible people, but they wear trackies and you can see what they’re doing.

          Enda brings it to a new level.

          Yeaah…. Enda….

          Grow up.

          1. Golden Lucky Bags

            He’s NOT YOUR F-ING FRIEND.
            He’s Enda.

            It’s a bad relationship.
            He makes you hit yourself and thank him for it.

            Grow up.

          2. Golden Lucky Bags

            And eh…
            Where is he?
            – Maybe it’s just me but I haven’t seen him for ages…
            He’s gone very quiet recently. Is he on his holliers?

            I miss that guy, just as much as I miss that other guy who owns an island, or the other guy who owns all the forests…

            Sorry, I’m confusing my Right-Wing politics, thinking they were the same…

          3. Golden Lucky Bags

            Ah Steph…
            I was waiting for someone like you.
            I’m going to be very gentle….

            My manner might be misconstrued as misplaced contempt;
            it could be mistaken as erudite bliigerance, but before you look up all those words up in your dictionary… I’ll be gone.

            I don’t engage.
            If I don’t make you smile, swivel.
            (You know what that means, don’t you?)

          4. Golden Lucky Bags

            I find it funny that your name is Steph, and that the shorter version of my reply begins with an F and ends with two Fs.

            You haven’t had an F for ages, haf you?

  3. Golden Lucky Bags

    Don’t get me wrong Kieran.
    – I’m sure Enda loves you. You just need to give him time.

    He’ll call you directly when he feels more desperate.
    – You’re doing a great job.

    Tell me your boss’s name…I’ll get you a rise, one way or another…

  4. Golden Lucky Bags

    Actually, oh, look at the state of the country.
    – They should ALL be given ‘time’, including Him The Untouchable Red-Head’/

    There, I said it.
    I didn’t want to but I had to.
    – He makes you lads look ugly by association and some of you are alright. My two best gay friends are redsers, and I have another mate who isn’t gay with red hair, so don’t start…

    Enda is Enda.
    – I can’t think of anything more caustic or demeaning to say about him and I apologise to anyone who shares his name..
    Enda is Enda.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Is it okay to say, ‘Don’t ever talk to me like that again, you little bollisk’

      I don’t see why not, apart from the misspelling.

    1. Golden Lucky Bags

      Now I’m going to fix that Golden Discs competition thing.
      – I swear to God, it’s like you all met a bloke who smoked a joint one time… You don’t know what to listen to, do you?

      I have millionz of proper choons. Check it out…

      I have a hundred million more.
      Beg me.

      But first, tell me why Major Lazer and Chronixx never got mentioned…

      1. Golden Lucky Bags

        Here’s a joke I saw on Reddit recently…

        What’s the difference between a Hippo and a Zippo?
        – Hippos are heavy, Zippos are a little lighter.

        Suit yourself.

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