22 thoughts on “Brad, Ted

  1. Owen

    Good thing they adopted all those kids. Otherwise they’d have nothing to make themselves look good when the bullets fly.

  2. Miami Dolphin's Barn

    watch the reaction to this then ask yourself if you’re surprised that Trump is close to being leader of the free world.

  3. Well-Meaning AdviceBot

    Ah lookit, ya married Brad Pitt then you torn around and he’s owny a cranky aul fella smokin spliffs and farting into the recliner. Probably he gets baked and has a few “theories” about stuff an tings he likes to bang on about. Shur dat’s life. Slam de door and gerrout, leem sittin on his hoop.

    1. Harry Molloy

      Is that the story, that he’s still a big stoner? Because I remember hearing the same back in the Jennifer Anniston days.

      I don’t care, I’m just asking.

  4. Peter

    Pitt: So wait Ange, been thinking about this and, eh, actually you know what, let me throw an idea out there. I’ll take 3 of the kids and you take 3. We work it out as follows. 6 to the power of 2, carry the 1, subtract the original 4, divide the coefficient by the square root and then divide using Pythagoras base theorem.
    So, umm, that works out at I take the white cute looking kids and eh….yeah. We done?

    I love that one report said that beside the fact that they are celebrities it’s just a regular divorce like you or I would go through. Kinda right, except here in mortal land balding 250lb dad is cast out onto the single market to a life of creeping women out on dating sites or unanswered texts from the rare female they have lured into being a friend, and finally settling into lonely weekends with microwave dinners and realizing marriage was better. Brad Pitt on the other hand, exact same but probably has the money for take-out on the weekends. :)

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      or you know you could get divorced, learn how to cook or actually just be allowed make a mess in the kitchen, dust of the running shoes and find someone who appreciates your bad baldy ass… so now. Sometimes divorce is the best thing that happens to a person..

  5. forfeckssake

    So sick of this “this is not a drill” nonsense people keep using for whatever inane crap they imagine we should care about.

  6. Sam

    Posting HuffPo stuff about celebrity break ups?
    Are you planning to completely jump the shark and post Leather Jacket Guy’s reaction video to the Brangelina divorce?

    1. Caroline™

      What the… have a bit of respect. Roddy Doyle has done a Facebook post about it, you monster!

      How dare you come in here and italicise “jump the shark” like a common DCU postgrad. Shame. Shame I say.

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