21 thoughts on “Whatchoo Looking At?

  1. Carlos the Cynic

    Nice Finn, though don’t be surprised if this makes the rounds and you get some nice attention but then some American or English Production Company rips off your style for the opening title sequence of their new television drama.

  2. H

    Not going to watch but I am imagining (hoping) that this ends with a visit to Whitechapel Hospital to have the camera removed from his rectum

  3. Burnt Cheese

    First 47 seconds of a 2 minute 54 second video are not of anyone’s face.

    I awaited the extreme close ups though and their purpose. Alas, I’ll stick to LJG videos in future.

  4. GT

    Don’t mind the trollage buddy, found it pretty captivating.. Lot of strained expressions, you don’t often get to see the London grind like this.. Place tends to get bigged-up.. Edited v well vs music.. Last face is pure ghost-like…

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      Pretty sure I’d have a strained looking face if some plonker was sticking a camera in my face when I out getting some milk.

    1. rory

      There’s something about the overall shape of the video, or some of the stylistic decisions that doesn’t sit well with me, but I have to disagree with your assessment of the camera work and editing. On a technical level the video maker appears to be quite talented on both fronts.

      1. Dave

        Yes, perhaps the video maker is skilled at what he does. I’m no-one to comment on that. What I tried to say, somewhat ineloquently, is that I didn’t like the end result. As implied by earlier comments, the first 47 seconds looks as if the camera was recording unintentionally.
        Maybe I am particularly unartistic (is there such a word?), but I simply don’t get the point of the video. Is there a message there somewhere? If so, it bypassed me completely!

  5. kwikster

    Your description of the clip is very poor Finn, but the clip itself is really beautiful. Some over editing but the overall effect is great.

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