More dirty hurling from anti-choice types?

This time in Cork.

Write ROSA:

A significant number of our lovely posters were taken down over the weekend. Help us fight back against those who are doing their best to silence our voices by sharing, liking and inviting our event entitled Rally for Repeal., and most importantly, to attend this Wednesday……at 8pm, at the Imperial Hotel in Cork cit where Ruth Coppinger TD will speak

ROSA – for Reproductive rights, against Oppression, Sexism and Austerity

Yesterday: Repellant

34 thoughts on “Eighthful

  1. Jake38

    I believe Copps may have removed the posters herslf to recycle them for her upcoming NoBinCharges/NoWaterCharges/FreeHousesforAll/NoShannonFlyover/SolidarityWithGaza/FreeTheColumbia3/GiveYourHousetoaRefugee/FreeIbrahamWhatshisname protest meeting.

  2. Zuppy International

    Freedom of speech curtailed? Abortion-Huggers are just as guilty. Three weeks now I’ve been waiting for Broadsheet to explain why I now get stuck in moderation every time [and this from a blog with no publicly available comment policy]. And that’s not to mention the Soros-funded shills and the simple-minded trolls who will lie and bully till the cows come home for their notional right to murder children.



        1. Zuppy International

          There you go, right on cue. More hate from the abortion huggers.

          Nothing about the 1.5 billion souls murdered worldwide since 1980.


          1. ReproBertie

            A) Pointing out your hypocrisy is not hate
            B) You’re responding to points with name calling while accusing me of hate
            C) There’s no such thing as a soul

          2. Zuppy Interantional

            The vaccines thing is true Bertie, you just don’t want to admit it. The After-birth abortion is a thought experiment that you failed.

          3. Cian

            1.5 billion since 1980? it’s just as well or the world population would be heading for 9 billion – and there would be famines and/or much higher CO2 emissions.
            Thank God for all those abortions!

          4. ReproBertie

            The vaccines thing is not true. Present your evidence.
            “Thought experiment” is a fine excuse for having your nonsense exposed.
            You can cling to your safety blanket and say there’s a soul all you like, it won’t make it true. We’d be better off if more people realised that this life is all we get and we should focus on living it rather than preparing for some imgainary after life.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Zuppy, for the love of mercy, stop. The world population continues to grow every year. This planet only has limited space and resources. To say overpopulation is a ‘myth’ is willful ignorance. Honestly!

    1. Kieran NYC

      “Comments and questions are welcome.

      Racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny, misandry, libel, abuse, bullying, incitement to hatred and hijacking the usernames of other commenters are not. In fairness.”

      This is their comment policy.

      Now you know why you’re in moderation all the time.

    1. Fiona Ryan

      ROSA got permission from Cork City Council, and a response back confirming we can poster. It was definitely not the local authorities removing litter.

  3. Zuppy International

    Broadsheet still “moderating” discussion in favour of the Abortion Huggers.

    Why? Are afraid you might lose?

      1. Zuppy International

        But denied the quick and instantaneous response essential to the flow of debate and freely available to Abortion Huggers to spout their murder philosophy.

        1. ReproBertie

          You don’t debate. You post pseudoscience, disproven claims and hashtag slogans. Having a delay won’t make any difference to your input.

          1. ReproBertie

            That said, there’s no debate in an abortion thread anyway. I doubt a single person has ever had their mind changed on abortion by something posted here. Posting in these threads is more or a mythbusting exercise than anything else.

          2. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            It’s a ranting exercise more than anything. But it beats working amirite?!

        2. Bob

          It’s online. You don’t need a quick and instantaneous response. You posted that 40 mins ago and I’m only reading it now.

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