Dirty hurling ahead of the March for Choice next Saturday.

If you see it, report it and post it.

Abortion Rights Campaign

Pic: Jim O’Callaghan

11 thoughts on “Repellant

  1. ALisonT

    Isn’t it illegal to put up posters on poles like that without permission from DCC. Should have called the litter warden.

      1. Lorcan Nagle

        Also, it’s not illegal to put up posters for a public event the week before said event, providing the posters are back down no more than a week after the event.

    1. newsjustin

      I mean, who the hell wears white shoes with chinos? Yuck.

      (Also – it’s bad and wrong to take down people’s posters. Not fair and not clever.)

  2. Dave

    Cought a guy ripping down People Before Profit Posters for a public meeting on repealing the 8th last week. Some people really hate choice….

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      1: removing posters like that is a crime. If you had seen it, you should have reported it to the gardai, not complained about it on a website a year and a half later

      2: Broadsheet has a small staff, and won’t see everything that happens in the world. If they don’t cover a story you’d like them to, there’s a link to submit stories and pictures. You probably should have used that option then, not complained about it a year and a half later

      3: Broadsheet is a private entity, and as such are under no obligation to report anything they don’t want to.

      4. Those “liberals” must have been very good at their job, because I didn’t see one poster asking to protect marriage during the referendum.

      1. newsjustin

        Didn’t Irish Times writer Conor Pope tackle people removing posters during that campaign. He put it on twitter. Might have been reported here – or maybe the journal. They mumbled something about, “cleaning up the streets from homophobia.”

  3. Jake38

    I believe Copps may have removed the posters herslf to recycle them for her upcoming NoBinCharges/NoWaterCharges/FreeHousesforAll/NoShannonFlyover/SolidarityWithGaza/FreeTheColumbia3/GiveYourHousetoaRefugee/FreeIbrahamWhatshisname protest meeting

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