Ready For Their Close Up


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This afternoon.

Seven Oaks Hotel, Athy Road, Carlow.

Fianna Fáil TDs, including Fiona O’Loughlin and Lisa Chambers (second pic) await the arrival of their leader Michaél Martin (top) at the end of the party’s two day think in.

Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews



After falling asleep at the wheel while governing recklessly, the party incurred a lifetime ban from governing the country, however, Fianna Fáil has impressed many voters by doggedly demanded parity be restored in Irish life after the party itself spent years working tirelessly to create the perfect conditions for a seismic economic meltdown.

Waterford Whispers News

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40 thoughts on “Ready For Their Close Up

  1. DubLoony

    It amazes me that the damage they did to this country over 14 years, followed by a very painful period to mop it all up and now they think they can just stroll back in like nothing has happened.

    1. Tony

      Are you still stuck on that tired narrative? Have you looked around the world at all? Are they also responsible fr Iceland, Finland, the UK, the States, all those BRIC countries? They will only get in if the people vote them in. Move on mate. Stop drowning in your own misery.

      1. ReproBertie

        Move on mate and stop reminding people that we were at the wheel when the property bubble collapsed (though the boom was getting boomier and people who were negative about the economy surprised us by not committing suidice) and we had wasted the nation’s wealth with nothing more than tolled motorways to show for it.

        1. Joe cool

          I think what galls people most, is that they are waltzing back with one of the old guard..that was there when it all happened.

          1. ahjayzis

            Citizens are welcome to vote for them. They’re idiots for it, but it’s their right.

            Citizens are also welcome to deplore them. Because they’ve ruined the country multiple times over.

            So chill out. A voter can criticise other voters for being cud-chewing automatons who’ll sell their granny for the chance at a bit of fresh road surfacing, pet.

          2. ReproBertie

            Yes Tony, a number of citizens were deeply disappointed by the FG/Lab government going ahead and introducing FF’s austerity measures but couldn’t bring themselves to vote for SF/AAA/PBP and so went back to their abusive ex but thankfully not enough to put them into power. The longer this government limps on the more chance we have of Labour rediscovering their purpose and maybe stealing a bit of support. Who knows, maybe the economy will turn around, FG will ditch Enda and Noonan and under Leo take enough seats to send your FF buddies back to opposition for another term. Or maybe SF will get big enough to form a government with the alphabets. I’ll take either option over the smug, amnesiac gombeens of the FF party.

          3. Tony

            Yes Repro. All those things might happen. Except for the Labour bit. And the Leo bit which is scary. The point Im making is that every party makes a tool of themselves and then time moves on, and the people get on with their lives and we all try again. Except for the stone-age thinkers like yourself ahjizz and Loony above who get stuck in some parish of the past and want us all to move there with them. We are the children of FF and we get taken away under the prim hand of Aunt Edna every now and then when they F up, but we forgive, they promise to behave and we run back into their arms.

          4. ReproBertie

            Civil war politics is living in the past. Your FF buddies left the country bankrupt and in the hands of the troika about a week ago. We’re still paying for the mess they made so those of us who can remember beyond last year’s X-Factor are less forgiving of their attempts to present their brown envelope laden hands as spotless and everytime you try to tell people to forget the damage they did and the taxes we’re paying as a result some stone-age thinker like me will pop up to point out the naked emperor.

          5. Tony

            No. Seriously, check your grammar. Its atrocious and undermines anything you say. Like when a Dub tries to talk about anything clever and we just snigger at the accent. Em, like Bertie in factah….

          6. ReproBertie

            Ok, so you accept my points but are just concerned about my grammar. Well my grammar is fine. The most you could accuse me of is the sentence running long. You, on the other hand, used its when you should have used it’s. Physician, heal thyself.

      2. 15 cent

        i think this Tony lad must be a troll, he pops up on threads saying the worst stuff possible. the new Jonotti perhaps..

        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          Nah, they’re just casual and unimaginative insults, intended to rile people but merely boring them.

    2. 15 cent

      the sad thing is they can and have just strolled back in. they broke the entire country, and the only price they paid was one term out of office … one poxy term .. thats all. and they’ll probably be back to full power after the next GE.

  2. Murtles

    Cue the “Well ye voted for them” trouser wringers who either (a) voted for the other crowd who are just as bad or (b) didn’t vote at all because their school was closed for a polling station and so they locked themselves in their room with a mega bag of cheesy balls and sat in front of their computer thinking of clever things to type.

  3. Junkface

    Irish people are mostly mongoloids, because it looks like they are bringing FF back into power. The most destructive party in Irelands history. Spineless morons everywhere.

  4. topsy

    The political party that bankrupt the country. Also gave us the pleasure of such eminent and honourable politicians, C. Haughey, R. Burke, L. Lawlor, B. Ahern, B. Cowen, M. Coughlan, M. Hanifin, W. O’ Dea, P. Flynn, C. Mc Creevy, etc, etc.

  5. Jake38

    Meehole must have been minister for about 12 things over 20 years while he snivelled around the Bert. What did he ever achieve? Apart from hundreds of unimplemented reports? Anyone?

      1. TheDude

        Agree. Don’t have a goldfish memory like the bulk of the populace and abhor FF but this was one good thing. Many lives saved from secondary smoke

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