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Friday Sept 23/ Saturday Sept 24: Canalaphonic @ Rathmines, Portobello, Dublin 6 and 8

Nialler9 writes:

A free festival of Irish music of all sorts in 24 venues, bars and shops of Rathmines and Portobello. Acts playing include AE MAK, Sample Answer, Zaska, Rocstrong, Elephant, Gavin Glass, Feather, Barq, The Eskies, Cut Once, New Valley Wolves, Bad Bones, Katie Laffan, RSAG and many more. The big attraction is the 5,000 capacity gig at Leinster Cricket Club.

Nialler9’s Gig Guide September 20-26  (Nialler9)

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7 thoughts on “Nialler9’s Gig of The Week

  1. Cot

    This is going to be the biggest hipster gig ever. People in their 30s pretending to be still young. Depressing.

    1. 15 cent

      i bet you’d hate me. im 36 and go to things like this, and i skateboard too. what do you think of that/me?

  2. Boba Fettucine

    Are the bands in white the big names? Like St Mary’s school choir?

    This lineup makes HWCH look like Woodstock.

    How many 10000s of rubbish bands are there in Dublin? We should work out how to harness them for renewable energy. Possibly by recycling their scrunchies and dry foundation

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