Lost Your Pink Purse?



This morning.

Anon writes:

I was walking to work this morning and noticed a purse lying behind the railings on Great Strand Street [Dublin 1]. There are quite a few cards in the wallet and one sticking out that very clearly look like an IADT [Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology] student card… Maybe you can help the owner find it. I could also see the top of a driver’s license. I couldn’t reach it as it is behind locked railing but I’m sure the owner could reach it somehow. Approx location here.


UPDATE: Owner located (see comments)

Result, in fairness.

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13 thoughts on “Lost Your Pink Purse?

  1. Paul

    the other card is a European Health Insurance card, if the person isn’t found through their IADT card, they’ll be found via the other card.

  2. weezer

    I used to work on Great Strand Street a few years back, awful kip. Every Mon morning there would be wallets, handbags, make-up bags etc scattered everywhere so seemed to be the stop-off point for anyone who’d robbed a bag and ran. Also, it was a public toilet. Grim.

  3. Aoife Cooper

    It was Stolen in the Liquor Rooms on Saturday! the map says near the railings at foam cafe??

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