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Brian Hayes, Fine Gael MEP

Farrel Corcoran’s article contains arguments concerning the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks and coverage of TTIP that simply do not stand up to scrutiny.

Mr Corcoran argues that the proposed deal would allow the use of “carcinogenic pesticides” in foods. Let me be clear, nothing could be further from the truth. But that doesn’t stop protectionists deliberately misleading the public.

Again and again, European Commissioner Cecilia Malmström has said no EU trade agreement will ever lower our level of protection of consumers or food safety.

Both sides in the trade talks are crystal clear that importation of hormone treated meat will not happen. Yet those against trade have repeated something that they know was never on the agenda of the EU.

The precautionary principal, the EU’s guiding principal on food and safety standards remains unaltered.

When it comes to Ireland’s sovereignty the position couldn’t be clearer. The first item agreed in a joint declaration by the lead negotiators was that TTIP does not prevent governments, at any level, from providing or supporting services in areas such as water, education, health, and social services.

This has not stopped those against the talks framing the process as a kind of new conspiracy where the corporate world, aided and abated by the European Commission, has hatched a masterplan to impoverish us all by – wait for it – by increasing trade between the EU and the US.

He bemoans the fact, according to him, that there has been “little” media coverage. Come on, where has Mr Corcoran been for the past number of years?

Didn’t The Irish Times give him carte blanche in his article to peddle the usual distortions about TTIP. What’s he moaning about? You could nearly hear the tut-tutting from the opinion page.

Then he says there has been little civil society engagement and “no national debate” on TTIP. Well a debate requires a fair amount of time to both sides to make the case.

But it also requires an honest engagement with the facts rather than hyped, over-the-top and utterly sensationalist comments from Mr Corcoran and others.

TTIP is not a done deal, it’s a talks process and it’s ongoing. And I wouldn’t be holding my breath that it will come to an end anytime soon.

It’s caught up with elections in the US and Europe.

From Donald Trump to Nigel Farage, and now to Mr Corchtoran [sic], the line-up of populists against more trade is really quite breathaking. And this against a backdrop of high European unemployment and falling wages.

The sensible thing to do is to see what comes from TTIP at the end of the negotiation. Look at the issue in the round – the pros and cons – and then make a decision. I repeat there is no agreement between both sides, and there may never be.

Brian Hayes MEP
Dublin 4.

Media, democracy and trade agreements (Irish Times letters page)

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33 thoughts on “Brian’s TTIP

  1. Sido

    see what comes from TTIP “ – Good idea – Oh we can’t because we are not allowed to.
    Has this Hayes joker been given the job of shilling for this rubbish. And if so by whom and what has he been promised in return?
    Sickening hypocrisy – really.

    1. Sido

      Support TTIP if you don’t like Nigel and Donald “From Donald Trump to Nigel Farage, and now to Mr Corchtoran [sic], the line-up of populists against more trade is really quite breathaking. And this against a backdrop of high European unemployment and falling wages.”
      It really doesn’t get more blatantly cynical than this.

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    Brian Hayes has not a single particle of principle in his entire make-up. Eye on the main chance, and the prospect of future lucrative sinecures. The man is a disgrace in his support of a measure which will copper-fasten corporate control of national governments world wide. That is actually the long and the short of it.

    1. Frunobulax

      I second that emotion. If not TTIP now then it’s CETA later. George Monbiot’s website is a good well referenced source of refutation for the Hayes’ ilk.

  3. forfeckssake

    This guy is a fanatical supporter of TTIP. I heard him on the radio hilariously describe himself in Ireland as “a big fish in a small pond”. More like a little toad.

  4. Fact Checker

    Do Broadsheet readers object to being able to purchase US-made goods cheaper than they can now?

    And for US consumers to be able to purchase EU-made goods cheaper than they can now?

    If so, why?

    1. ahjayzis

      Say I offered to pay for your morning coffee every day for the rest of your life in exchange for a veto over any healthcare decisions you might want to make and any changes to your personal spending habits.

      Why would you object to free coffee?

    2. Fact Checker

      Do BS posters realise how much of their material living standards depend on free movement of goods and capital? The trade war of the 30s was not a glorious period for economic performance.

      On the coffee and healthcare analogy I am lost. Can you elaborate with concrete examples?

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        He’s pointing out that TTIP allows corporations to sue national governments if they enact legislation that hurts their profits, something you handily failed to point out in your insultingly patronising posts.

        1. Fact Checker

          There is already one of these in Luxembourg.

          By way of analogy, are you in favour of abolishing the power of the ECJ to rule against EU national governments in single market disputes?

          1. Anne

            Question for Fact Checker.. Compare and contrast corporations to the ECJ.
            Fire away.

            Single market disputes.. Lol

  5. mauriac

    Hayes is nominally a Christian democrat and should therefore be arguing for increased democratic control of corporations in everyone’s interest instead of this transatlantic power grab but as the current push for Bus Eireann privatisation shows FineGael are just inefficient Tories.

  6. Anne

    I can’t take this clown seriously anyway, since he answered questions outside the dail into a butt plug.. yes, a butt plug. Like a dildo, but for your butt. The mic was a butt plug and he didn’t notice.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        Anne, it is instructive to note that Hayes, and noteably, Pat Rabbitte, appear to fully recognize what is being brandished at them :-) Oooh err…..

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