Missing Your Carerra Vengeance Bike?



John writes:

I was outside the big Centra in Stoneybatter earlier on today at about 12pm and I overheard some lad trying to make a quick sale on a bike. The potential buyer asked him where he got it, to which he replied ‘on the southside’.

He was trying to flog it for €50.

From what I could see, and after doing some research online, I would say it’s a black Carerra ‘Vengeance’ with neon blue text and trim, a little battered, but still in good condition.

Maybe Centra could help out with some security footage?


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      1. Increasing Displacement

        Would they do something better on a bike 1/2 the price?
        Probably not…unless they’re commuting down a mountain slope or 50km each way.

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