Debt By Degrees



President of USI Annie Hoey (centre) with Joanna Siewierska from Irish Second Level Students Union, Ian Power from the National Youth Council and Aidan Kenny from Teachers’ Union of Ireland

A photocall for the  announcement of a demonstration by the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) to call on the Irish government to “make a historic long-term decision and invest in the publicly-funded third level education model as outlined in the Cassells report”.

The USI sez:

An income-contingent loan scheme is not a viable solution to third level funding as a burden of €20,000+ debt upon graduation will deter people from applying to college.

The financial strain of college spans across all communities and groups including parents, children, staff and teachers – not just students.

The demonstration is supported by members of the Coalition for Publicly Funded Higher Education including SIPTU, IMPACT, TUI, IFUT and National Youth Council of Ireland who will be joining the march starting at the Garden of Remembrance at 1pm on October 19.

Union of Students in ireland

Pic: Conor McCabe

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6 thoughts on “Debt By Degrees

  1. DubLoony

    Did anyone read the small print of the recent report of third level education funding?
    If they did they would know which of the 3 payment scenarios was preferred. It wasn’t student loans.

    1. Melton_Carbury

      Hi, can you point to the particular report, I’d like to read it if possible, especially to see which other scenarios were proposed. Thank you.

  2. Jake38

    Presumably this crew wants all 3rd level education “funded from general taxation”. It’s not sustainable.

    1. ahjayzis

      Yeah what is this? North Korea?

      Or Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Sweden, Germany…

  3. Villan

    I had to to decline a Masters a few years ago because:

    1- fees were capped at 6k, course fees were 8k in total
    2- No maintanence grants were available

    If there were student loans available similar to the UK i would have bitten their hand off.

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