This afternoon.

A fleet of Government cabinet ministers arrive at Leinster House for the first day of Dáil term after the Summer recess. from top: Simon Harris; John Halligan; Regina O’Doherty and Katherine Zappone.





Leo Varadkar arrives on snazzy foot.

Sam Boal/Rollingnews


29 thoughts on “Driven By You

    1. The Real Jane

      He does resemble a know it all head boy with a case of the teenage greasies.

      I can totally see him in a debate in 6th year going “well, akshurley, I think you’ll find…fnar fnar”.

        1. The Real Jane

          You know when a teenager washes carefully and extensively but becomes coated in a greasy sheen after 15 minutes.

          1. Sheik Yahbouti

            Admittedly he does not have the education, the vocabulary or the wit of Mr Rees Mogg, but I did say poor man’s version :-D

  1. MoyestWithExcitement

    Is there some reason they all need to be chauffeured around the gaff? Something wrong with the public transport system? Or their own cars?

    1. Rugbyfan

      are they being chauffeured from their homes (Dublin based), are they still entitled to travel allowance form their gaff?

    2. ahjayzis

      Public transport is dire, on strike, and insufficiently subvented in comparison to that of other EU cities.

      But nothing to do with them!

    3. PaddyIrishMan

      They are their own cars. Only people who get a car are Pres, Taoiseach, Chief Justice and Minister for Justice afaik

  2. Robert

    There’s something distasteful about a government that claims we have no money for public services yet are driven around in brand new cars. Yeah I know they probably get them for free but still … it’s not a good look.

    1. Adama

      Saw a pic of her before being dropped off in a KIA suv..and why is in the back seat? Didn’t she get the memo on Ministers taking the front seat so to appear like one of the regular joes they lord over?

      1. Lilly

        I’d sit in the back and try to get some work done en route. I presume that’s why they’re given drivers.

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