Meanwhile, At The Children’s Court



This afternoon.

Outside the Children’s Court in Smithfield, Dublin 7.

Paul Murphy tweetz:

The juror barred from Seanie Fitzpatrick trial speaking in support of .

Court asked to dismiss charges against teenager in Jobstown case (RTE)

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29 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Children’s Court

    1. b

      Fun fact – Paul Murphy got a 1st in Law

      so he is being deliberately ignorant of the law to further his agenda

      1. Anomanomanom

        Not standing with a megaphone in the street defending some scrot makes me an armchair warrior, nice to know.

        1. realPolithicks

          Criticizing somebody who is out there standing up for what they believe in, from the comfort of your mothers basement is what makes you an armchair warrior.

  1. The Real Jane

    Do they think that the fact that she was not selected for a jury on the basis that she admitted to being prejudiced against the defendant makes her a popular hero of some description?

    1. Bob

      Don’t think so. I’m not sure if there’s anything stopping the jurors announcing what way they voted after the case, but there’s no way of them proving it. The decision would be made in secret with only the final verdict being made public (at least that’s according to every court room drama I’ve ever watched!).

  2. Clampers Outside!

    Kicked off a jury… tried that, my boss said “wear a suit, stick the Irish Times under your arm”… so I did, and it wasn’t working. So… I told the judge “my girlfriend is a journalist with a national newspaper”. To which the judge replied “you’d better keep your mouth shut when you get home then”.

    4 weeks jury duty awaited me…. which I didn’t mind at all, to be honest :)

    – – –
    That young fella will get off, if the news at one on RTE radio is anything to go by. This shouldn’t even have gone to court…. I hope he wins and Joany is shown up for it.

    1. Patrick Bateman

      A minister of any religious denomination or community may be excused as of right from jury service. So I got ordained as a minister in the Universal Life Church.

  3. Joe cool

    Hang on. jury duty selection process works perfectly fine but she wants to complain about it??? Granted the process in this case is shambolic. But still

  4. bsteve knievel

    even if he was found guilty the judge would be obliged to remand the case for a probation report as he is a juvenile. As he is ‘not known to gardai’, it was highly unlikely he would get detention if found guilty.

  5. Kieran NYC

    Paul Murphy and his crowd trying to bully and intimidate the justice system for political purposes again?

    Good stuff.

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