That odd plumage sticking out of an unidentified chimney top in Cork (top) and from The Winding Stair bookshop in Dublin (above) …


Amy Lyons writes:

Last week Broadsheet.ie asked what the big yellow feather was for…

The feather belonged to ‘Tommy McAnairey’, the spokesperson for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning to kick off Co Awareness Week.this week

He also left this note…



Well you could knock us down with a large PR novelty prop.


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20 thoughts on “Feather Report

    1. :-Joe

      LOL fluffy clamps…

      The AD is so horribly disgusting to everyone who ever ived that I refuse to buy a CO alarm despite the fact I am slowly dying right now…


    2. Kieran NYC

      I’ve heard the radio one. Loathe it.

      There’s another ad that’s just started for Christmas parties somewhere that goes on for a minute and a half yammering away about stereotypical Christmas things.

      Almost as bad as the cat and bird one.

      *rant over*

  1. :-Joe

    Honestly does anyone know anyone personally who has had a problem with this?…

    I’ve heard of cases and all these different alarms over but is it a serious issue?


  2. Mollie

    Over twenty years ago I had two friends die from CM poisoning. Remember being told at the time you can’t see it and you can’t smell it, but it can be prevented by having air circulating and not allowing the levels to rise in a room.
    All upstairs windows in my house are left open at least an inch all the time, summer and winter.
    I’m paranoid about it but there are ways to prevent a buildup of CM in a home and the alarms being advertized would help. I guess I’m really saying CM is serious and not to be taken lightly.
    Homes nowadays are like vaccums with triple glaze windows and door seals not giving the fresh air a chance to circulate. Open fires, gas boilers, ranges all need regular maintenance.

    (not speaking on behalf of CM alarm sellers, plumbers, gas or electric engineers or God )

  3. Weldoninhio

    Ironic having Rory Cowan as an ambassador for this campaign. Anti-carbon monoxide, pro Israelis using nerve gas on Palestinians.

    Anything for a quick buck though,

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