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  1. Turgenev

    An income tax refund for first-time buyers that will drive up the price of houses beyond the ability of wage-earners to repay a mortgage.
    What’s that you said? Two-thirds of TDs are landlords? No!
    And in England they’re storing up hideous trouble by driving the old out of their ‘under-occupied’ homes.
    Oh, the (in)humanity.

    1. Adama

      I can see their logic-shovelling €10-€15k into the hands of their friends, sorry developers but most people I know can’t afford a NEW home, they’re looking at ex-corpo houses. Where’s their assistance? Does any Minister pay attention to anything other than Tom P’s lobbying on behalf of the CIF? Beggars belief. This country has passed into an alternative universe or something.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Those ex Corpos are fine houses
        You won’t get better built gaffs than them for starter homes
        And there’s always a market for’em

        1. Adama

          Don’t get me wrong-there are fine houses. It just strikes me as ironic that people are clamouring for these houses (a reminder of a state that undertook such large projects to provide housing for citizens) when there’s no building going on and the state says it can’t build houses itself due to EU rules.

          1. Sheik Yahbouti

            some old, you are like grey eyed Athena. Of course this state could (and should) embark on a programme of public works to house its people. Our State simply chooses not to do so – and hides behind EU rules to justify it. We actually SHOULD be ashamed of the trash we have elevated above us, for that we ARE to blame. Perhaps we could amend our mistakes?

      2. Otis Blue

        Vast swathes of our urban areas are blighted by dereliction. Yet the Government will only incentivise substandard cookie cut crap built by Country Tom and his ilk?

        The hoors aren’t even trying.

    2. Anne

      Another recent headline stated there was going to be tax breaks for landlords in the budget.. because you know they have mortgages like.

      And 75% of the interest and maintenance fees etc written off wouldn’t be enough… to be left with a valuable asset/pension that someone else paid in whole for.

      The lobbying power of these parasites is too strong. And that’s who FG pander to too. The real parasites in society.. the ones Pat the plank Kenny doesn’t mention too much.

      There was a representative on from one of the landlord organisations there not too long ago harping on that they aren’t making enough.. that ‘we’re losing landlords’ she said. Good riddance is my attitude to that.

      That Karl Deeter is going to get it from me on Twitter too one of the days. Doesn’t want rent controls. TV3am had him on there about 2 weeks ago.. And he was advocating people eating beans basically to save for a deposit for a house. Genius stuff. Another bottom feeding parasite advising us on how to keep things going the way they are. Why TV3 would have a person involved in milking profits from the housing industry any airtime to discuss the housing crisis is beyond me. Scraping the barrel there like.
      I’m not exaggerating either.. eat beans.. ask your employer for a raise he said. It’d be funny except for the reality for a lot of people. Stupid c***

      1. Anne

        There was a representative on from one of the landlord organisations there not too long ago * on Vincent Browne* I forgot to mention..

        I hear the anthem.. byeeeee.

  2. Shane

    I’m currently in west Africa and feel that I have to comment on that collection of headlines….
    Do any of them have worth?
    Their purpose is clear,
    The substance questionable at best….
    The rags here are clearly rags…
    When will we accept that this trash is not the news.
    Bringing people ‘news’ should always mean something.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Oh great, I’ll be singing Toto all day now….
      * grabs hairbrush *
      “I bless the Shanes down in Africa”

      1. Anne


        Don’t call ‘lowcall’ 1890 numbers from a mobile.. at least that’s useful.
        Although I knew this about 3 years ago myself.

  3. martco

    so Sir Wiggo has just come to realise having a few oul injections on the eve of a race might be construed by some as “unethical”….that’s the spirit! a new career on the after dinner speech circuit beckons just like Lance

    1. Twunt

      Getting and TUE a week before a grand tour, and then winning it, is very suspicious. Doing it 3 times stinks.

      Then Froom gets a TUE and wins too!!!!

  4. topsy

    Why is there a story about ENGLISHMAN Richard Keys on the front page of the Irish Daily mail rag. Lifted straight from the English version of the rag, no doubt.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Because I presume the kind of people who read the “Irish Daily Mail rag” also watch him on Sky Sports

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      An extremely bad idea – what else can we expect from a Government in thrall to developers and vulture funds? I used to believe it was mere stupidity and ineptitude – sadly it appears to be far more sinister than that. We really must rid ourselves of these parasites before they kill the host.

    2. Kieran NYC


      There should be incentives to turn vacant properties and above-the-shop properties into homes and apartments

        1. Harry Molloy

          I used to dream about it when I was a kid, thinking I could sneak down and steal sweets at night. Moro bars specifically.

        2. Kieran NYC

          Anne, it must be a displeasure to know you.

          In city centres, there is so much vacant residential space above ground floor shops. A Centra or a Subway on the ground floor of O’Connell St and above it… what? Nothing. Could be converted to residential units in the heart of the city. Repeated throughout the country. Prime residential living space in the heart of cities. Maybe just for single people or newly-weds but a fantastic step before the move to the suburbs with kids.

          But sure have a pop at me. I’m sure being angry and miserable all the time is wonderful. Might want to see a doctor though.

          1. anne

            Au contraire Kieran..to know me is to love me.

            Now that you’ve explained it like that..I see what you mean. Put newlyweds above Centras coz the whiff of breakfast rolls is the definition of romance.

  5. Paddy

    I happened to be in Parkwest around 2.30pm a few weeks ago. Massive retail (or something) area, which seemed to be only restaurants – all of which were bordering on being empty at that time. Glass cage empty office blocks. Closed up restaurants as well. And a nice, yet deserted, area enclosed by these empty offices and almost empty restaurants. I asked a lady in one of the restaurants if the development was actually a shopping centre of sorts. – no, you have to drive 2 miles for that.
    And the thought struck me – wouldn’t it be sensible to develop part of it into accommodation? It’s going nowhere that the developers envisaged.

    1. some old queen

      Its not just Parkwest, Smithfield is the same. I suspect it is something to do with planning laws where must be a percentage of a block must be retail units. I very much doubt if a developer would voluntarily build retail or office which was so difficult to shift when they could sell apartments off the plans.

  6. Peter Dempsey

    I presume you would need a change of use application to convert overhead shop accommodation to residential units?

    Still – in the interests of creating more availability, I imagine the local authorities (or whoever grants this) should get their fingers out.

    It’s a good idea though – would appeal to plenty people.

  7. Peter Dempsey

    Ultimately the way to address the housing crisis is commit to a programme of state funded social housing and just get on with it. However this seems to be ideologically unacceptable for Fine Gael.
    Do they not realise that our residential rents and mortgages being far too high is putting off foreign companies investing here? Huge accommodation costs will drive up up wage and salary demands so these investors will pick some other country..

    1. Kerri Ann

      It’s impoverishing our academic world as well. I know of two world-class scholars who have turned down jobs here because of accommodation costs.

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