It’s Story Time



With Daragh Malone, of St Mochta’s National School in Clonsilla, Dublin 15.

Ailish Brennan, of St Mochta’s National School Build Action Group, writes:

Nine hundred and seven children attend school in St. Mochta’s National School in appalling conditions. The Government promised us a new school building in 2006. We are still waiting. The Government just announced grand plans for education. This is a joke to us. Children in our school have to use buckets to catch leaks on rainy days. Crowded, cramped, smelly, mouldy, fungus-ridden classrooms are the norm.

This is the face of Irish education in 2016. Four hundred and fifty children in delapidated overcrowded prefabs. Our children deserve better!

Our parents and children are marching to Dáil Éireann on Wednesday morning.

St Mochta’s School Build Action Group (Facebook)

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10 thoughts on “It’s Story Time

      1. Mourinho

        Yip. Group water scheme.

        I think the civil disobedience of not registering and/or not paying had a greater effect.

  1. ALisonT

    Great production, The people of that area have raised a lot of money to put towards the school and the department keep screwing them over. They suffer from being not quite deprived enough and trying to help the school themselves.

  2. Junkface

    Jesus, thats appalling. Promising a new school 10 years ago and fobbing off the community. Thats Irish politics for you, especially with FG and FF. They don’t give a damn about the education of children in Ireland, they treat it like a chore they don’t want to work on. Career politicians, scum.

    1. ahjayzis

      That’s a list of holiday repairs though – maintenance really.

      I think this school needs a full rebuild, I’d imagine those prefabs are well past their use by date.

      You can’t even say it’s down to ministerial preferment a la primary care centres, they’ve got Joan Burton and Leo Futureexhusband in their constitch.

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