Last month, TEDx CorkSalon presented #CorkLovesMusic, a two-night stint of talks and performances in Coughlan’s Live on Douglas Street, from musicians, DJs, singers, promoters, record-shop folk, music therapists and others speaking on their relationship with music.

In the playlist above is night one, hosted by your writer.

Talks from venue owner Sam McNicholl (Connolly’s of Leap), promoters Aisling O’Riordan & Caoilian Sherlock (Southern Hospitality Board), and record shop owner Ray O’Brien (Music Zone).

Performances from Dr. Dara O’Brien (sitar), Eamonn Cagney (percussion), M.Sea (vox/guitar), Arthur Itis (space), plus a guest appearance from Cork Sacred Harp Singers.

Night two on the ‘sheet tomorrow.

TEDx CorkSalon

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5 thoughts on “#CorkLovesMusic

    1. scottser

      having shared a house with dara in limerick, I can tell you it’s because he does headstands against the wall and his missis, mairead keeps the noise down by banging on the bedroom floor. he is also the only longhair I know who was willing to undo a u-bend in order to clear the furball from it.
      sound lad

  1. Otis Blue

    Ray O’Brien’s shop, Music Zone in Douglas, is well worth checking out if you like your vinyl.

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