28 thoughts on “Diminishing Returns

  1. Bertie Blenkinsop

    My youngest boy has just started watching it and absolutely loves it.
    It’s obviously not half as good as it used to be but it’s still far better than most current sit coms, imho.

      1. Lorcan Nagle

        I’d add Rick and Morty and The Venture Brothers to the recommend list. Also 10.30-11 shows.

        If you Netflix, all of Archer and series 1 of Rick and Morty are on there.

  2. Donger

    Early and mid 90’s Simpsons still give laugh even though I’ve seen them all multiple times. Post 2000 Simpsons are painful to watch. As the kid said while watching the Krusty burglar getting a hiding,”stop, stop, he’s already dead”

    1. jeremy kyle

      Nothing’s more awkward than watching a new episode with friends… everyone there, just sitting in silence.

    2. coco

      Reruns of episodes up to about series 8 are gold. That’s a decent run of form in fairness. It’s been poor since then though.

      1. jeremy kyle

        I thought the Ricky Gervais episode was the nail in the coffin, but then they went and done a Family Guy cross over.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          There was an episode where Bart saves a cow and they recreate Casablanca at the end before Bart gets the cow on the plane. “Here’s looking at you, cud.” he says, in a sad, non jokey tone. That literally made me angry. Did they really expect people to laugh at that? It just seemed so lazy. Killed it for me. That said, the episodes with the new entrance have been alright. Nowhere near 90s standard but watchable. They reintroduced small things like background jokes, for instance.

    1. rotide


      I watched it pretty religiously in the 90s in Dublin. Sky was availble to most people via cablelink and im pretty sure even RTE were showing it by the mid/late 90s.

  3. peter81

    Futurama is Wings to the Simpson Beatles*

    *If the Beatles never split up and continued to make increasingly poor episodes before having a mild but welcome resurgence in quality after twenty-five years

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      Futurama is American Dad to The Simpsons Family Guy, more like, in so far as they’re better.

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