From left: Paul Murphy, Richard Boyd Barrett and Brid Smith outside Leinster House this morning

This morning.

Ahead of tomorrow’s budget, the Anti-Austerity Alliance/People Before Profit (AAP/PBP) released its alternative budget this morning.

Their three aims: “Close the Tax Haven, Redistribute the Wealth, Transform Society’

And they’ve done the sums:








Alternative Budget Statement (AAA/PBP)


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    1. ABM

      So… Someone lives in a modest house, drives a decent car, pays all their taxes, made good decisions, etc.

      Nope. 50% tax not enough.

      We want €20k a year more cash off you. How dare you live in your “big house”, have a pension and drive a nice car.

      The very worst type of Commie are those who reap all the benefits of capitalism and know that if being a Commie doesn’t work out, there’s always capitalism as a back up plan.

  1. Anomanomanom

    So wheres the detail in how to actually do any of this. Its typical pie in the sky politics. I say give every adult €1,000,000 that’ll sort us all out, I can say these crazy things because like the three of them I’ll never ever have to implement the bloody thing. You can say what you want to appeal to people when you don’t actually have to follow it up.

    1. Dave

      Perhaps look at the images above, Revenue (broken down by source) pays for Expenditure (also broken down by source). Please try harder.

      1. Jake38

        @Dave, While I’m sure they would have no problem spending their Expenditure, I suspect that balancing it with increased Revenue might be a little more tricky, what with anyone with a real job leaving the country.

        1. Dave

          Why would you say that? By real job do you mean people earning over €75,000 a year (like the type of people Mary Mitchel O’Conner wanted to give a 30% tax rate to if they would only come home?)
          Whenever some one suggests some extra tax on wealth or high incomes the first response is always “you can’t do that” or “they’ll all leave” . It says a lot about how far the general discourse has moved to the right, When extra income or stealth taxes are pilled on the poor you don’t get the same objections. Even when it comes to extra welth type taxes on the poor like the “fair deal” nursing home scam that takes a big chunk of your income AND a big chunk of your house after you’ve died.
          It really is a simple matter of finding the political will to tax wealth and high incomes appropriatly. They have no problem finding billions to bail out banks, I don’t think that was a good idea but it does show the reality of how Governments budget – you start from what you really want and then you plan on where you get the cash. The objections raised to taxing wealth implicitly call for the tax burden to remain where it is, on those with lower incomes. In any fair society you would take into account the share of wealth and income accruning to different groups and plan on taxing that on a proportional and progressive basis to fund services (like health and transport) that benefit everyone – even the extreamly wealthy.

      2. Anomanomanom

        You clearly don’t know anything about how economics works in the real world. You cant just stick things on charts and print outs and say here’s what we’re going to do. HOW you actually do it is completely different to saying “this IS what we’ll do”

    1. ahjayzis

      Can’t win,

      Socialist from a well-off background = fantasist living out adolescent fantasies and playing the role of working class hero in rebellion against his background.

      Socialist from working class background = jealous fantasist on the steal

    2. Feidlim MacSásta

      “RBB, privately schooled and privileged hero!”

      Well at least he didn’t use his education to exploit others by setting up ‘pop-up’ restaurants by employing people on illegal rates to sell jumped up fast food to his fellow south side Leinster fans and then close down without paying suppliers, only to start up another ‘pop-up’ the next day.

    1. Bandy

      how about the contempt businesses have for their employees? or their customers? or our government?

      are those not apparent enough for you?

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        +1 It’s telling when people frame attempts to get business to operate fairly as being contempt for business.

      2. Harry Molloy

        Poor treatment is reprehensible and what employment law is for. But that’s a different subject entirely.

  2. DubLoony

    So, cut the broadened tax based, tax employment and spend like no tomorrow – with what? How many millionaires do they think are in this country?

    All non govt parties have produced alternative budgets. Would be interested in doing a side by side comparison.

      1. Jake38

        3,700 or so taxpayers report more than Euro500k income annually to the Revenue.
        The thousands of “millionaires” are mainly grannies with red brick houses in Dublin 6.

        Should be no problem.

    1. ahjayzis

      Tax INCOME from employment.

      Employment creates wealth, otherwise known as work, or LABOUR. The state takes a percentage so we get things like Civilisation.

      When did Labour decide the whole ‘pay in accordance with what you earn’ thing was over?

  3. Eric Cartman

    And watch all the millionaires leave or pay accountants even more to avoid tax. This thing is pure lunacy and completely unrealistic.

  4. DubLoony

    Water infrastructure 400m – oh dear god!
    It costs a billion a year as it it, let alone the extra 25bn needed to bring it up to scratch.
    For a group of people who have been out with the loudhailers, they know sod all about the actual real water infrastructure.

  5. Joe Small

    The 50% marginal rate on incomes of €100,000-€140,000 – does this apply to married couples? A couple on €50,000 each with a mortgage and childcare costs in Dublin are not particularly well off.

    1. Anomanomanom

      Are pooing me. A couple earning €100,000 a year is not well off. Your clearly disillusion or very wealthy.

  6. Steve

    No problem with any of this, but repudiating odious debt is a one time winner, as is selling off NAMA properties. That’s a 6220m gap for AAA budget 2017.

    1. Jake38

      @Steve. That can easily be fixed by raising income tax rates to 246% on anyone left employed in the country after AAA/PBP Budget 2016 has worked it’s magic.

    2. Cian

      You missed emptying the remains of the NTPF (ISIF now) – 5bn once off. So 11bn to magic out of nowhere in 2017; from a much reduced population after everyone with any form of cash has buggered off.

      Taxing landlords sufficiently to make many sell up is really going to help the housing crisis too…

  7. thecitizenatbarneys

    The millionaire tax is interesting: are they actually going to means test everyone in the country? Presume that will require circa 10k new civil servants on DB pensions to administer. Then they propose to tax people’s assets rather than income? It’s a pretty big step to say they want a political system that has a 2% / annum levy on ownership. It’s immediately going to be reflected in growth rates, anything under 2% growth a year would be recessionary.

    Obviously those with accountants will have no problem getting around it. Will the same asset tax apply to companies I wonder?

    The Landlord tax is hardly going to reduce rents either. Every landlord will be hit by it so every landlord will pass the costs on to the consumer.

    1. Harry Molloy

      It doesn’t really matter as they only have to say this crap to get elected without ever having to attempt to implement as they will never compromise and so never sit in government

  8. Sullery

    Some of the incomings are a bit sketchy but fair play to them for coming up with a plan. Anyone who disagrees with the AAA-PBP should at least engage with them on the facts, and not just moaning about ‘populism’.

  9. Zaccone

    I wouldn’t be a traditional PBP supporter but most of that looks quite reasonable. Steve’s point about the one-time windfall payments of approx 6bn is the only actual fact-based criticism I’ve seen in the comments that would seem to be a problem.

    All of the temporarily embarrassed millionaires here feeling sorry for those poor souls earning €250k/pa+ are disappointing, though.

  10. wearnicehats

    Wow – will be interesting to see how shutting down most of the SMEs in the the country will create more employment

    1. some old queen

      Never use ‘wow – ‘ love, it suggests that you are an over sized skinny jeans wearer from south Dublin? With cheap brand runners obviously.

  11. edalicious

    I’d love to know how and where they’re planning on “acquiring” 50,000 houses at 90k a pop.

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