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Above from left: Brid SmithTD and Richard Boyd Barrett TD and Gino Kenny TD

This afternoon.

Buswell’s, Dublin 2.

People Before Profit hold a press conference outlining details in  their pre-Budget 2020 submission document entitled, System Change – An Alternative Budget for People and Planet.

People Before Profit

Leah Farrell/RollingNews


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Pic: Lois Kapila/Dublin Inquirer

This morning/afternoon.

Buswells Hotel, Dublin 2.

Members of Solidarity- People Before Profit at their think-in ahead of the start of Dáil term.

They have accused Fianna Fáil/ Fine Gael of preparing to make “working class people the ‘whipping Boys’ for Brexit” and are calling on the trade union movement to join them in protest.

Above from left: Brid Smith TD, Richard Boyd Barrett, Ruth Coppinger TD, Mick Barry TD, Paul Murphy TD.

Coveney: No surprise no-deal to hit vulnerable sectors (RTÉ)


This afternoon.

Molesworth Street. Dublin 2.

A protest organised by People Before Profit against vulture fund Val Issuer Dac – outside its head office – and the possible mass eviction of renters in Portobello, Dublin 8.

People Before Profit is working with the Dublin Renters’ Union to protect the over 50 tenancies at South Richmond Street and Rosedale Terrace that are threatened with eviction. Val Issuer Dac purchased the properties last November.

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80 Families Are Fighting Forced Eviction In Portobello (98FM)

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

The Sinn Féin motion suggested the Department for Infrastructure be brought to court over its refusal to remove paramilitary flags and banners from lamp posts.

It comes after UVF flags appeared in the Cantrell Close area where they have previously caused controversy.

Last month, the Ministry of Defence spoke out against the unofficial flying of Army flags and emblems, after a number of Parachute Regiment flags and banners were put up.

Unionists opposed the motion, but it passed backed by 34 councillors. Eighteen voted against it.


Belfast council pass paramilitary flags motion (BBC)

From top: Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy and Fine Gael Senator Catherine Noone; People Before Profit’s Peter Dooley


RDS Count Centre.

People Before Profit Local Election candidate Peter Dooley talks to reporters after his supporters confronted Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy with chants of ‘you can stick your co-living up your arse’.


This afternoon.

In Buswells Hotel, Dublin 2.

The Solidarity-People Before Profit party launches their candidates for the European elections on May 24.

The candidates are Gillian Brien (Dublin), Adrienne Wallace (South), Cyril Brennan (Midlands North West) and Rita Harold (Dublin).

Fiach Kelly tweetz:

.@pb4p Euro election launch. Promises include joining a “movement of civil disobedience to remove border posts if they are imposed by either the UK government or the EU…peace in Ireland is more important than Tory nationalism or the EU single market”.

Meanwhile, last night…


This afternoon.

In the Dáil.

The government has been defeated as an anti-eviction bill sponsored by People Before Profit preventing landlords from evicting people into homelessness has passed 46-39 and will now go to the committee stage.

Fine Gael voted against the bill while Fianna Fáil abstained.

The Solidarity-People Before Profit bill would:

– Abolish the sale of a property as a ground for ending a tenancy.

– Require landlords terminating a tenancy to allow for a family member live in the property instead to pay six months’ rent to the tenant.

– Abolish ‘refurbishment’ or ‘renovation’ as grounds for terminating a tenancy.

Last year the bill didn’t pass after the Dáil vote was 51-51 and Ceann Comhairle Fianna Fáil’s Seán Ó Fearghaíl used his casting vote to vote against it.

People Before Profit


There you go now.

This afternoon.

Outside Leinster House.

People Before Profit TDs Richard Boyd Barrett, Bríd Smith, Gino Kenny and PBP member and economist Brian O’Boyle launch their pre-Budget submission ‘Recovery For All’.

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe will deliver Budget 2019 tomorrow in the Dáil at 1pm.

Mícheál Lehane, of RTÉ, reports:

People Before Profit has proposed spending an additional €2.9 billion to build social and affordable homes next year as part of its pre-Budget submission.

The party also wants to make all public transport free, which it says would cost €580 million annually and help reduce both CO2 emissions and traffic congestion.

Under its plan the party says that €3bn could be allocated to develop a National Health Care System that would include free GP care.

The party believes the Universal Social Charge and the Local Property Tax should be scrapped.

PBP want €2.9bn for affordable housing in Budget (RTE)

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews.ie