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This afternoon.

Outside Leinster House.

Members of People Before Profit and supporters hold a protest about climate change ahead of a Dáil committee’s debate about the party’s Climate Emergency Measures Bill.

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This afternoon.

In the Dáil.

The government has been defeated as an anti-eviction bill sponsored by People Before Profit preventing landlords from evicting people into homelessness has passed 46-39 and will now go to the committee stage.

Fine Gael voted against the bill while Fianna Fáil abstained.

The Solidarity-People Before Profit bill would:

– Abolish the sale of a property as a ground for ending a tenancy.

– Require landlords terminating a tenancy to allow for a family member live in the property instead to pay six months’ rent to the tenant.

– Abolish ‘refurbishment’ or ‘renovation’ as grounds for terminating a tenancy.

Last year the bill didn’t pass after the Dáil vote was 51-51 and Ceann Comhairle Fianna Fáil’s Seán Ó Fearghaíl used his casting vote to vote against it.

People Before Profit


There you go now.

This afternoon.

Outside Leinster House.

People Before Profit TDs Richard Boyd Barrett, Bríd Smith, Gino Kenny and PBP member and economist Brian O’Boyle launch their pre-Budget submission ‘Recovery For All’.

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe will deliver Budget 2019 tomorrow in the Dáil at 1pm.

Mícheál Lehane, of RTÉ, reports:

People Before Profit has proposed spending an additional €2.9 billion to build social and affordable homes next year as part of its pre-Budget submission.

The party also wants to make all public transport free, which it says would cost €580 million annually and help reduce both CO2 emissions and traffic congestion.

Under its plan the party says that €3bn could be allocated to develop a National Health Care System that would include free GP care.

The party believes the Universal Social Charge and the Local Property Tax should be scrapped.

PBP want €2.9bn for affordable housing in Budget (RTE)

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This afternoon.

Kildare Street, Dublin 2

People Before Profit TDS Brid Smith TD and Richard Boyd Barrett TD brandish A-Kare abortion pills while speaking to the media outside Leinster House ahead of the 8th Referendum on May 25.

Ms Smith said:

“In this country we have an intolerable situation where the sentence for taking an abortion pill is double that of a convicted rapist. It is truly barbaric. We need a yes vote in the upcoming referendum so we can begin to reverse this.

Increasingly young people are accessing this pill on the internet as a form of having the termination but they do it isolated, without medical supervision and they do it in situations which are considered by the medical profession to be dangerous.”

Young women are taking abortion pills ‘alone, unsupervised, scared and stigmatised’ (Irish Times)

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Further to yesterday’s post concerning People Before Profit party members being stopped at a community centre in Tallaght and questioned about their political beliefs.

Via Saoradh, a “revolutionary Republican party”:

On Wednesday, the Saoradh South Dublin Craobh held its first AGM in a community centre in Tallaght.

Because of the growth of the party in Dublin, it was decided to have two Craobhs, one in South Dublin and the other in North Dublin.

As our members arrived at the centre for the AGM they noticed the Garda Special Branch sitting in a car opposite the centre observing people coming and going from the community centre.

Unfortunately, this came as no surprise to our members who have endured countless stop n searches, house raids and have had to move venues for meetings because of threats from the special branch since Saoradh was formed in September 2016.

After the AGM our members left the community centre at 9 pm and were surprised to see the Garda Special Branch had in fact already left so our members headed home wondering where the Gestapo had gone to?

It has since transpired that People Before Profit were also meeting in the same community centre that night and had left earlier than our members

In their over-eagerness to harass our party members the Garda Special Branch seem to have mistaken PBP members leaving the community centre as members of Saoradh which then led to this latest episode of state harassment against political activism.

Saoradh welcomes the condemnation from PBP of this blatant state harassment of political activists and we hope they will also condemn the continuing harassment Irish Republicans receive on an ongoing basis in both the twenty-six and six county statelets.


Garda Special Branch Mistake PBP for Saoradh! (Saoradh Nuacht)

Previously: Police Before People

There you go now.


From left: Sinead Kennedy, Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment, Rita Harrold, ROSA,TDs Ruth Coppinger, Brid Smith, Richard Boyd Barrett and Dr Peadar O’Grady, founding member of Doctors for Choice

This afternoon.

Buswells Hotel Dublin 2

A Solidarity/People Before Profit press conference to urge immediate government action on the recommendations from the Citizen’s Assembly on abortion in Ireland.

The pro-choice coalition Dáil grouping want a referendum held before the fifth anniversary of the death of Savita Halappanavar, who died in University Hospital Galway on October 28, 2012.

Ms Coppinger said:

“The Dáil didn’t want to abolish water charges . . . but they were made to do it by public opinion and pressure. The Repeal movement is burgeoning, it’s growing…The Dáil is a conservative bastion, light years behind where most people’s views are.”

Abortion vote before anniversary of Savita death a ‘fitting tribute (Irish Times)

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From left: Paul Murphy, Richard Boyd Barrett and Brid Smith outside Leinster House this morning

This morning.

Ahead of tomorrow’s budget, the Anti-Austerity Alliance/People Before Profit (AAP/PBP) released its alternative budget this morning.

Their three aims: “Close the Tax Haven, Redistribute the Wealth, Transform Society’

And they’ve done the sums:








Alternative Budget Statement (AAA/PBP)



This afternoon.

The Mont Clare Hotel, Merrion Square, Dublin 2

The launch of People Before Profit’s General Election 2016 manifesto (and vid, above) whose broad aim is a fairer, more equal society.

Plans include:

Prevention of privatisation and retention of State funded services and Ireland’s natural resources in public ownership

The implementation of a progressive taxation model that sees those who have the most pay the most. This will include the abolition of the water charges; the abolition of the property tax on the primary unit of family residence; the removal of the USC for incomes below €70,000.

Creation of a National Health Service free to all at the point of accesss

Building 50,000 social housing units over five years, imposing effective rent controls and ending the practice of evicting families who show genuine financial distress in mortgage re-payments

Universal, accessible, lifelong education system, free at the point of access for all

Recognising childcare as a universal right and developing a public system of crèches

Repealing the Eighth Amendment

Reversing discrimination against young people in social welfare and ‘new entrant’ wages.

Outlawing discrimination in access to schools on religious grounds.


Top from ‘left’: Gino Kenny, Brid Smith, Richard Boyd Barrett and John Lyons

People Before Profit

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