16 thoughts on “Mary’s Prayer

        1. Degenerate

          That pub is there around two years and is far from “authentic”. It’s your typical tourist trap pub, tat all over the place. That’s bound to irritate some people, just like leather jacket guy and the fake comments on these videos, but most don’t care as long as the booze is real.

          There are easily 20 better pubs within a five minute walk from Mary’s.

        2. Feidlim MacSásta

          It’s not there years. It’s a new pub and it’s a fake Irish pub.

          What’s most depressing is that the southside sheep who go there are charmed by it’s fake Oirishness.

          Amazing scam.

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            +1 Sure look at the street it’s on and the other businesses surrounding it. It’s for tourists and wealthy hipsters.

      1. bmcc123

        I was so looking forward to reading the comments on this. Yep, a fake irish pub but i think it’s aimed at hipsters rather than tourists

  1. Swifty

    This guy could make me go anywhere. Will have to check out this Mary place now. Even Longer videos please!

  2. Ralph

    I was, at first, frustrated by these postings but have become increasingly saddened that Broadsheet continue to promote this content. I have slowly weened myself from Broadsheet but it looks like the chorus of pleas from the users hasn’t made a difference.

    I can’t take it anymore. I’m out.

    1. Caroline™

      On this week’s Late Late Show, Ralph will be talking to us about the painful events leading up to his decision to stop reading a website.

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